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S&A 3.05






Richard + SparklyHandsMusicalActorGuy = PURE LOVE.

Beautiful segue from "real failure always starts with someone doing something stupid."

Just perfect.


Ahhh. Richard continues his run of prickishness. I really think this episode concentrated a bit too much on Richard. I say this, of course, because the Richard Tells Anna He Loves Her scene was just cruel and unusual punishment. It is my firm belief that Mark, Susan and Bob hate me in wildly bizarre ways. I did know that a moment of beauty would be snatched away like that, but I'm still disappointed.

Is it mad of me to want Richard to fulfill his strengths rather than his flaws? I don't know. Maybe I'm the kind of person who would marry someone just so that they could 'fix them up'. I never thought I was like that. I've always tried to accept people for their idiosyncrises. But Richard. God, Richard. I desperately want him not to be that oaf. And, you know, I can't tell if it's because I respect Mark so much. But I only liked Mark initially because I saw him playing Richard. I only learnt that he was so very different after seeing him as Richard. So it's something about this malformed champion, this antagonist at every turn - this Big Dick, which keeps me wishing, waiting, thinking.

Just as I struggle to understand Richard, I struggle to understand why he appeals to me at all, let alone how much he actually does. Good sense tells me that he is to be vehemently opposed after his recent conduct, but what do I do? I hope for him to turn around and show his full potential as a good person in the final episode - despite knowing, knowing it's far more likely he's not going to.

And why the hell would I concentrate on Richard when we have so much about Geoffrey in this episode? Geoffrey and Charles. Geoffrey and Oliver. Geoffrey and Ellen. I don't think I'll ever get over seeing that fear and indecision in Geoffrey's eyes as he's trying to decide what to do. When he told Ellen about Charles, I jumped for joy. Oliver and Geoffrey with "couples therapy". Oh. How can you not love that? Geoffrey and Ellen in each other's arms was so beautiful. I have no idea what Ellen was saying either, but the way Geoffrey responded to it was just fantastic.

Sophie too! Sophie who is just like Geoffrey in that she is honest. God, she almost broke my heart. She just said it. I love her for that. I loved her in the scene with Ellen and Lizard Queen. I love her awkwardness and bitchniess and everything about her. I adore how real she is.

Anna! ANNA was the best in this episode. She gets no respect. Not nearly enough. She is warm and compassionate and FUCK RICHARD for having to be on ecstasy to say as such, holy hell. I want to marry Anna. I know that sounds insane, because I'm heterosexual and also not fictional - but man, I really do. She's kind and loving and totally underappreciated. I'd appreciate her. I wouldn't have to be on drugs to tell her. I'd write down all of her stories about Grandma Conroy and just delight in her thoughtful consideration.

Charles, I have to admit, I respect. He may sometimes be a complete bastard and a bully, but how can you not respect a man who states that dying pisses you off? His acting too. It's completely enthralling. And how he wants to wrap Anna up? ♥ Too sweet.

Barbara really should have been squished by now. She is such a bitch. And okay, I get that she has issues, and her life didn't turn out the way she thought it would, and rah rah rah, but she's a lying, backstabbing slag. I have a severe dislike of her, if you can't tell. I'm hoping Ellen slaps her upside the head.

Finally, major props to Darren, Nahum and Maria in this episode.

I loved that episode. There's always so much to say about an installment of Slings and Arrows. Even relatively slow episodes like this one foster so much discussion.

Of course, all of this brings me to Ride Forever, which, as yet, I've only seen half of.

Okay - so - um - the largest thing I got out of this? Paul calls him Benton. I don't know why, but that really, really pleases me. I've always called him Benton. I guess it's validation? Yeah, I don't know. "Ben" has never sat right with me, and I feel odd always referring to someone by their last name, so at least knowing Paul calls him "Benton" too makes me feel like I'm not completely crazy for doing so.

I totally adored what he said about the fanmail being for Benton and not really him. I would send Paul fanmail. Just Paul. Yes, I love him for Benton, and God knows I love him for Geoffrey, but Paul as himself? I do sometimes mock him. I've always had severe issues with his writing (which I pretty much resolved when I read what he said about his writing.) And two of my favourite sayings are "Paul Gross Arms" and "Every day is Paul Gross day". But in reality? I respect him. A lot. A whole lot. I respect him as a person. I respect him as an entertainer. I respect him as an artist. I like him. He amuses me.

And it's not just me, is it? He was so pleased that it had been through his nefarious orchestration that the other Paul wrote Bob in as a ghost. I already knew about this from an earlier interview, but that cheeky little glint in his eye and the smile? Yes. He was so pleased. And I agree. It was ultimately a fantastic idea to bring Gordon back in that way. I love Bob. If you're going to go for a show with a Mountie who ostensibly has superpowers and a Wolf, why not add in Ghosts? Going for magical realism? Go the whole way.

DUDE. DUDE! How could I forget? The cross-dressing was Paul's idea? ! No really, how can you not love that? Oh Paul, Paul, Paul. The whole "it seemed like a good idea on paper". That's basically your writing mantra, isn't it Paul? Even if you didn't end up writing that episode, the whole "it seemed like a good idea on paper" is basically how you approach everything. And you really were ridiculously pretty in the make-up, even if I still maintain you're far too masculine in other regards to pull off being a woman.

David Marciano was so gosh darn cute. His eyes are still gorgeous, and rendered even more so by the grey at his temples. And he really needed a hair-cut, and definitely a brush, but he was completely adorable and nothing like I expected at all. He really had a fantastic handle on what made Benton and Ray work together, even if it was slightly different from Paul's perception. (I think Paul underappreciates Ray Vecchio on occasion - I guess he wasn't really his character like you could argue Benton and RayK were so it's understandable.)

Beau Starr is lovely. I constantly wanted to tell Daniel off for speaking over Tony. He is Gardino, isn't he? The good qualities of Gardino. But some of his mouthiness too. I liked how honest he was about the whole situation of his leaving, though. It was quite refreshing. How hot do Ramona and Catherine look? Wow. Very hot indeed.

Um. I need to watch the second half now.


After the second half.

I think they concentrated a bit too much on MotB. Even though I do enjoy that episode, and it was fascinating hearing the genesis, I wanted to hear more about how Callum got his feeling for RayK - more about this 'renegade underbelly' aspect to RayK's character.

And that's all I have to say. I'm fangirled out.

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