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5 Things I wish I had the Stamina For...

scriggle asked for Slings & Arrows: 5 things Geoffrey would never say to Darren.
1. I want to put on a production of Measure for Measure. Will you co-direct with me?
2. Darren, I respect and admire you, in every last detail you bring to life and the stage.
3. This may come as some surprise, but I suspect you’re the finest director I have ever encountered.
4. Look, Darren, it was a fling. A one night stand! We were both blindingly drunk for Christ’s sakes.
5. Can I have the number of your stylist?

shoemaster asked for due South: Five gifts Fraser gave Ray. I interpreted it as Ray Kowalski.
1. The first Christmas present Fraser presented to Ray was a new pair of mittens, one red, one green. Ray needed extra padding. Ray laughed, the lines around his eyes creasing, his teeth reflecting the snow. He put them on and tapped Fraser on the shoulder, allowing his hand to linger affectionately.

2. Ray’s birthday was an occasion which inspired a form of torment in the pit of Fraser’s stomach. He knew that every time his own birthday came around, he would dwell on all of the measures he had never taken. He expected Ray might do the same. He gave Ray a turtle carved from maple. Ray looked lost for a moment, confusion creasing his brow, and then laced his arms around Fraser. He pressed his lips to Fraser’s and they kissed.

3. There was no occasion for the third gift. No formal occasion, at the very least. Fraser gave Ray his undivided attention. He also gave him his body. It had a few scars and more than one bullet hole, but judging from Ray’s reaction, he didn’t exactly mind. They curled up together in the sleeping bag, Fraser ensuring Ray was kept warm.

4. It had been several months and Fraser had noticed that Ray was steadily becoming paler by the week. It was summer. Light reflected off the snow. You could usually keep your appearance tainted with healthy-looking colour. This did not appear to be affecting Ray. Fraser knew that the journey was taking too much out of his partner. He gave Ray the offering of freedom.

5. Ray had been in Chicago a month. Fraser was stationed in Tsiigehtchic. He was the only one without First Nations ancestry. He confessed he was a little surprised when the community members accepted him unquestioningly, although there had been questions. He wrote long letters to Ray, knowing that he would get a paragraph in return. The silences between them on the telephone carved a small space in his soul. He had given Ray his heart and it was Ray’s to keep.

bluebrocade asked for due South: Five pop songs Benton Fraser secretly boogies to late at night in the consulate.
1. Mr Blue Sky - ELO
2. Bye Bye Mon Cowboy - Mitsou
3. Ballroom Blitz – The Sweet
4. Another Postcard – Barenaked Ladies
5. Lovers in a Dangerous Time – Bruce Cockburn

melata_fic asked for;
Black Books: Five hangover cures Bernard will never use again.
1. The infamous head meets toilet method. It went horrendously wrong one time after a bad curry.
2. Getting Manny to sing like a Mariachi man (to be fair, he was still drunk when he suggested that one.)
3. Lime juice mixed with Angel Delight, spread on the backs of his feet and hands.
4. Making-out with Fran.
5. Coffee.

Life on Mars: Five crack theories about Sam Tyler.
1. Sam is being controlled by the sockpuppet.
2. Sam is the sockpuppet.
3. Sam didn’t actually spent his gap year in DIY, he spent it as a Go-Go Dancer.
4. Ivanhoe is Sam’s real father.
5. The key to getting back to 2006 involves making pure, pure love to Gene. Mmmm.

bjohan57 asked for Slings & Arrows: Five people that Geoffrey would and could sleep with.
1. Ellen (obvious, really.)
2. Barbara when they were first starting out acting.
3. Another co-star when he was an ingenue.
4. Darren. But he was very, very drunk.
5. In an alternative universe where Ellen had never existed - Anna.

aingeal8c asked for due South: 5 ways Fraser paid Ray back for the destruction of the Riv. I interpreted this as Ray Vecchio.
1. He stood under Ray's window and serenaded him in Italian.
2. He bought Ray a model replica.
3. Fraser cooked Ray dinner and refrained from telling a single Inuit story.
4. Snogged him senseless.
5. Car-sex!

blancafic asked for;
Doctor Who: Five times/places The Doctor never got around to taking Rose to.
1. Adelaide, Australia (to my knowledge, anyway.)
2. Gallifrey.
3. An Elvis concert.
4. 4568 BC.
5. Ecstasy.

Life on Mars: First five things Sam would do if he ever woke up.
1. Hug his mum and tell her how much he loves her.
2. Check that Maya is okay.
3. Grab his mobile phone and start stroking it lovingly.
4. Go looking for Gene.
5. Start using his feelings as opposed to being a pedantic closed off shell.

Spaced: Five times Tim has been in Daisy's room without her knowing about it.
1. The first time he was just looking for a pencil, but instead happened upon her underwear drawer. He may or may not have made a few sketches with the pencil he found on the dresser.
2. Daisy was sleeping in near catatonia and he watched her as a trickle of drool made its way onto her pillow. He pulled the duvet up and smiled softly.
3. Hide and Seek with Mike required some clever thinking, what better than a hiding spot under Daisy’s bed? Of course, Mike found him straight away. He’d put a homing device in Tim’s tea. Tim wasn’t sure if the device ever left his system, but he suspected not.
4. Tim was sure Daisy had stolen the television’s remote, so he went storming in to find it. Good thing Daisy was at a job interview. Later on he discovered it was in his backpocket the whole time.
5. Tim intended on planting six boxes of jaffa cakes in Daisy’s cupboard and then blaming her on hoarding them. But he climbed into her bed and ate them all instead.

Buffy: Five phrases Xander has said that have never been said before, by anyone, ever.
1. … and then I discovered I actually could bend backwards without risking serious injury to my manhood.
2. Whatcha doing there Buffster? (Others tried, but died horrible, horrible deaths.)
3. I think its wriggling its way out of my stomach and into my colon with a force of its own.
4. I shall conquer the day and the night and that odd part of the day between day and night – what’s that called, is it twilight, yeah twilight – I shall conquer the day and the night and the twilight or face penalty of death – or not…
5. One, Two, Nine-hundred-and-Sixty-Eight, Seventy, Oh, a nickle!

Battlestar Galactica: Five hands of cards Starbuck has won.
1. Tigh was sober and therefore not thinking straight.
2. She was playing against Leoben and distracted him with talk of patterns, specifically that of his shirt.
3. Kara played five games by herself, lost four and won the other.
4. She took her shirt off and all simply gave up.
5. The cards were electronic devices, bugs, which were implanted in her body.

jantalaimon asked for Shaun of the Dead: Five Records You'd Chuck At Zombies If Given The Chance.
1. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
2. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
3. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
4. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
5. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

jenoofer asked for Black Books: Five reasons Bernard likes having Manny around (but would never admit to, obviously).
1. Manny cleans behind Bernard’s ears.
2. He’s a surprisingly good hot water bottle.
3. The objects found in Manny’s beard are a great source of nutrition.
4. Manny sings like an angel and tastes like angel delight.
5. When Bernard was poorly, Manny took care of him and made the mistake of offering Bernard his liver.

taurenova asked for Doctor Tennant: Five times the Doctor has had inappropriate thoughts (at completely the wrong time).
1. Stroking the TARDIS.
2. Looking at the Clockwork Men.
3. Rebuilding K9.
4. Dancing with Reinette.
5. When Cassandra in Rose’s body kisses him.

c_regalis asked for Battlestar Galactica: Five ways Leoben died.
1. Leoben knew that he had to experience everything at least once in order to predict the future. Running through fire hadn't exactly been a pleasant death, but it had taught him a lot.
2. He drowned. Into the depths he plunged. He chose not to turn on the mechanism which meant he didn't have to breathe. Instead he faced this special brand of suffocation with his own kind of bravery.
3. He asked Doral to shoot him in the head. At first, Doral had said it would be impolite. Leoben had eventually made him see the light.
4. Sucked out of an airlock. He'd known it would happen, could see the lines vaulting off from the past to the future, forging connections only he could see.
5. Leoben said he hated Kara's long hair. Yeah, that death had been entirely accidental.
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