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Slings and Arrows 3.03

I'm on the verge of tears. There was something in that episode which buried itself deep inside me and is never going to relinquish that part of my soul.

From Richard being his usual prattish self, but in a different way. To the dynamic between Geoffrey and Charles. To Don McKellar's wardrobe as Darren. I don't know.

It was mostly Geoffrey and Charles, I expect. Oh God, but it was also Geoffrey and Oliver. And Geoffrey and Richard. And Geoffrey and Ellen. It was Geoffrey, all Geoffrey. It had to be.

I said from the beginning that I didn't truly appreciate Paul as an actor until I saw him as Geoffrey. He was Fraser to me and nothing more. I didn't properly appreciate Fraser at that time, either. That belongs to a different post. But this... this was something else entirely, and I don't even know if I have the words in my vocabulary to describe it - because he wasn't Fraser at any moment in that episode, not in the slightest - and he wasn't "Oh Paul!" He was Geoffrey. This character, this amazingly volatile and magnetic character who is everything and nothing all at once. Geoffrey Tennant is the transcendent character of Paul's career. He may be more widely remembered for Fraser, but God, he should be remembered for Tennant.

On the non-Geoffrey front, I actually kind of adore Sophie. Almost but not quite as much as Kate. Sarah Polley reminds me of the other Sarah in my life at the moment, my singing instructor. She has the same type of features and timbre of voice. Since I have grown to adore my singing instructor, it makes sense I would grow to adore Sarah as Sophie. It's more than just that, though - she's already shown that she's a well-rounded and complex character. The same applies to her misguided friend, who, though misguided, is likeable. These two are much, much better than the young-lover characters we got in season 2.

William Hutt is also blowing me away. Him and Paul together, mostly, but just in general too. He makes me love this man I really know nothing about. Makes my sympathetic even though he's shown himself to be a mean old mistreater. That scene, on the floor of the dressing room? I actually did cry then, a whimper and a tear. And the phone box too. It was breathtaking. I have to admit, I feel like I'm watching Paul 40 years down the line.

The writing in this show is so astoundingly brilliant. Even the elements which make little sense to me (Bolivian musicians) somehow work in the wider context.

I really have to watch the next episode now.

Slings and Arrows 3.04

My first reactions run along three lines;

Big Dick couldn't be more appropriate.

Giving Richard a soul was a really bad idea. Bad. BAD.

I actually miss seeing Mark act as Richard in the first few episodes of the first season, all repressed.

Now that I have seen the entire episode, my reaction is thus;

HOLY MOTHERFUCKING HELL! I think that was the most anger-making episode of the whole series so far. I want Ellen to kill the Lizard Queen. I desperately want to punch Richard in the gob myself. AND OLIVER AND CHARLES SPOKE TO EACH OTHER, HOLY HELL!

Yet, amongst all of that was the overwhelming tenderness, too. And Nahum being terribly amusing. Also, I wasn't the only one expecting Richard to wake up next to sparklefingers young musical guy was I? I'm disappointed they didn't go down that route, really. It was certainly set up that way. I'm almost as disappointed as the non-relationship which is Richard/Anna.

I loved this episode, despite, or maybe because, I was shouting at the screen, loudly.

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