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A little polish on these old shoes...

My Teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students topic requires me to write a critically reflective journal entry every week. We hand them up every fortnight for our tutors to respond with comments. So far, my tutor's responses have amused me greatly. She has commended my brilliant writing, twice. She has implored me to get into politics. She's suggested I do post-graduate studies in ethnography. And she's called me "dudette." I love eccentric tutors. Especially those who see fit to pander to my ego.

It's just as well I've had this boost to my morale, as I've been receiving rejection letters left, right and centre for the jobs I applied for earlier in August. There's still several processes which I'll go through, so hope on the job front isn't entirely lost. It's just a tad depressing.

In other news, my CD for The Blanks arrived today, I wasn't expecting it for another two weeks so I am extremely excited. There's a whole post on a cappella coming up soon. Oh man, this CD is already rocking my socks.
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