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Apologies to those who got 100 words which LJ Hook decided were positively not going to be set to private, even though I insisted they should be. Naughty LJ Hook, naughty!

I got to listen to a fellow student teacher whinge about the course we're doing today. You may remember him from my first practicum - he was the strange one who insisted Tom Selleck was his Uncle. I never quite learned his name, although I believe it has an I and a Z in it. Fortunately for me, he also remembered me and went on a ten minute diatribe about how doing a topic on the Social Contexts of Schooling is pointless and that we need more practical information for application. He's sick of doing topics where they ask for pre-service teachers' opinions on things, he wants to do a topic where you investigate text books and say whether they're good to use with students, or one in which you need to organise a sports day.

I appear to be the only person doing my course who actually doesn't mind the theoretical aspect of it. Sure, a lot of educational theory can be dull as dishwater. And yes, there are times where I wish we had "Working Photocopiers 101". Call me, oh I don't know, malleable, but I don't mind topics which centre on rhetoric. I think there's some value in studying the theory and then creating the practical solution for yourself. So when I listen to other people complaining about it (and they do, verbosely, and with vehemence), I nod my head and pose the occasional question but quietly think to myself that there's plenty of time to learn the practical stuff on the job. This leads me to believe that one day I'm probably going to be a Lecturer - as the real world is clearly not that important to me.
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