Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

And on the third day, he created penguins...

Okay, point me in the direction of intelligence, because I have a few LJ related questions;

1. Is there a word/character limit to LJ posts? I seem to recall thinking that there is, but I don't know why I do.

2. Further to that question - if there is a limit, what is it?

3. How is the new 'browse userpics' feature helpful? Isn't that what descriptive keywords are for? Of course, I may be bitter because my paid account expired, I don't have any money to repay for around a month and I can't access this feature right now. I'm left with 6 userpics, it's torture. And apparently my most used userpics include 4 different "Loz" icons. Fandom icons have forsaken me.

ETA: !!! HUGE thank you to zeenell and the anonymouse who just gave me paid time. I do not deserve such amazingly generous people. I really wasn't expecting anything like that. I'm extremely fortunate to have lovely loves in such close contact. Thank you so, so much!

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