Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

I'll be in the bunker...

Um. Hi.

So I go back to University on Monday.

This has meant of course that I've been concentrating on State of Play, and concentrating on writing Life on Mars and concentrating on everything that really has little significance in my real world life, because the real world scares me and I may or may not have totally crawled into my hole in the wall in glee and decided to let life skip me by like I always do, even though I didn't want to do this, but knew I would anyway.

I've got forms and things I have to fill in. Enquiries about things. I need to ask certain people to be my referees. Stuff. Important adult-type stuff. I have to start actually applying for jobs in August and I just realised how close August really is. I am terrified.

I always am terrified, of course. And so far, more times than not, I have succeeded. But it doesn't stop the terror from gripping hold of me.

I find it easy to escape. It doesn't take me long. I rig up my grappling hook and line. I create a decoy trail. I've the best method of camouflage around. I just have to want it enough and I'm out at the speed of light, travelling towards a safe destination for myself and my thoughts alone.

And my conscience dictates that I shouldn't use my powers for evil. Should take hold of my responsibility if I am to be a productive member of society. Should actively strive to be a productive member of society. But my selfish nature precludes me from taking these actions.

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