Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

I feel pretty, oh so pretty...

Last night the line "It's easier to think you're in love than it is to accept you're alone," was uttered. I thought about it and felt it was very true.

At least when I was 'in love', I was fulfilling the paradigm. Those who are without love shall seek love. I was operating under an established social construct; the unrequited. And it was awful but fine at the same time, because it's somehow better to believe that you're heartbroken than completely unaffected by the emotional distance between yourself and everyone else in the world.

I knew that that was what I was doing, though, so some of the charm was lost.

Oh well. I'll survive. I always do. In the meantime I've got delicious media, hobbies and teaching to concentrate on. Of course, pretty soon I'll probably fall head over heels in crush again, because that's just the way I roll. I distract myself wonderfully. It's a rare skill.

Here are the icons I said I was making last night. I did that "icons for share" thing again. It's getting to be a habit. I'll soon have to try and figure out where I got my fonts and have a resource list. These look so simple and they took me about 3 hours (not including the capping, but including the cap selection). That's an improvement on before, at least. It would have taken at least 7 before. :D
Tags: iconitis
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