Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Some people I know, think that I'm craaaaazy...

I'm still ill. I don't know what this is, but it doesn't like me very much. My stomach is in knots, noxious gases keep doing their best to escape at inopportune times. I feel that at any moment I'm about to launch into the sky, starting my very first Adelaidean Macy's parade, as young children clap and gasp.

The information session about Teacher Registration was informative but also incredibly boring. The bureaucracy is astounding. Certified copy this, certified copy that. I need to go find me a Justice of the Peace to sign and witness things. Oooh, complexicated.

Uhm, I need to go to bed. But one last thing. I was totally wrong about Andrea (my other student teacher who I didn't think I would get along with overwhelmingly). We are so much alike. It took a while for both us to get to know each other, but once we did, much laughter. She's even fannish, which is cool. Oh Joss Whedon, you bring people together as you tear characters apart. We're going to see a movie together tomorrow, so yay for new friendships. That is, of course, unless I actually do find myself floating off into the stratosphere.

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