Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Put your hand on your heart and tell me...

Well, I just created my first proper community. Here's hoping people actually join. 1973flashfic, for all your Life on Mars flashfiction needs.

You can only but try, right? And pimp, whenever possible, without causing all and sundry the wish to dart behind the sofa.

I want to know how these things get off the ground. Sometimes they're incredibly successful. Other times they float like a lead balloon. The show is popular, the ficathon went well, this should too, right?

I'm fretting again.

At least I have University tomorrow to keep my frantic mind occupied. I have a lecture starting at 9am. Sweet, those uni organisers, aren't they? Thing is, I've had a horrible stomach, all yesterday and today. Either a stomach bug or food poisoning, I'm not sure which. I haven't been able to eat anything. Didn't have dinner last night, haven't eaten today. I don't feel in a fit state to make the trek to Uni, but I have to, because these are the most vital lectures they're ever putting on for Education students.

Tags: life on mars, writing

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