Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Well, sure... he's a theatre acTOR...

I don't think I can even go into how much I love Paul Gross. But it's a lot. A whole lot.

Paul slings arrows at TV.

Link courtesy of malnpudl, who apparently got it from my S&A lovely love bjohan57

Just... YES.

As someone who has watched an inordinate amount of television in the past, but who finds herself away from the set and watching dvds of shows long past gone, I agree with what he says. And sure, you don't have to agree with him harpooning those shows, but there are enough out there to make you feel that his assessment is valid.

There are complications in mindlessly agreeing with him, though. You can look at what he rants about and question "well, who is he to judge?". due South can simultaneously be seen as the most formulaic of the formulaic, awash in stereotypes and undeniably, bizarrely non-conformist. And it was still episodic television.

To be honest, apart from Slings and Arrows, I've always preferred episodic television to serial television. When Buffy became more about the long season arc, I started to like it less. But a season of Buffy wasn't six episodes long, and that, there, is the difference. It's quality versus quantity. How much you can contain, how much you should contain.

Oh, Paul.

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