Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Is that the Six Million Dollar Man's boss?..

Following their successful journey to save Earth, Admiral Kirk and his shipmates are brought before the Federation Council and charged with stealing and destroying the Enterprise. [Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home] - So, the Star Trek Calendar has a line up of our boys (and girl!) for June. It's hilarious how much like Zapp Brannigan Kirk looks.

I went into the city today and bought presents for the birthday of little brother and came back and rented some DVDs. So now I've seen The 40 Year Old Virgin and rewatched Bedazzled. I really related to them both, which is sad, really. I enjoyed The 40 Year Old Virgin a lot. It was much better than I thought it was going to be. The ending was cracktacular. Bedazzled was much as I remembered it from the first time. I also rented Crash and the fifth series of Only Fools and Horses, but they're not getting watched until tomorrow.


For these past few weeks I've been so God damned nice all of the time, it's starting to drain my life-force.

Generally I'm the type of person who wants to be approachable and friendly and have people like her (especially have people like her), but the whole 'being polite', 'never saying a mean word' thing takes its toll. I want to be able to tell the people who annoy me to just fuck the hell off. But I don't, of course. I want to disagree with someone and speak to them harshly. I want to pander to my crueller sense of humour and mock someone for a change, but my unswerving belief in what is right prevents me. I want to scream and punch and kick like I did when I was kid, but I haven't.

I'm not a constantly cheerful person. I'm a depressive person who cheers herself up, and sometimes, just sometimes, I want to be angry and upset and not feel guilty about it. So yes. If I'm less than nice for a while, you'll know why.


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