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Nick was so good in Cosi. So good! Considering he's only ever done lighting before, not acted, it's amazing that he was easily the best on stage. Yes, he did have the added advantage of having an excellent character to work with, but let me reiterate - he was SO GOOD. I was gleeful in my pride of the baby brother. He had expression. He acted when listening to the other actors speak (some of them clearly forgot), he remembered all of his lines brilliantly. He had the physical as well as the vocal side down. Man, he rocked. I would totally fangirl him if he wasn't related to me :D. The play was really good, too. Much better than the musicals (Wizard of Oz and Annie) they've put on before. It was engaging, thought provoking, full of interesting characters. I enjoyed myself last night.

Mask making today went well. I forgot to mention that this idea was from a book that jasper_su sent me. Thank you! It's a wonderful idea! The kids really enjoyed the first lesson, and they're looking forward to really adding fine detail and acting with them. There's such a brilliant range of expression amongst the masks they've made - and they've used really interesting shapes. Even the kids who you wouldn't expect to do so well have done an excellent job.

And on an ending note - Sue my supervising teacher was on the phone today and she signed off by saying 'thank you kindly'. Yes, I thought that was worthy of note too.

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