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On Pluto. The mysterious, icy wastes of Pluto...

Has anyone seen Breakfast on Pluto (2005)?

Directed by Neil Jordan, it stars Cillian Murphy, who you might know as the evil killer man from Red Eye, or the evil killer man from Batman Begins or the evil killer man quite sweet Pieter from Girl with a Pearl Earring. Um. This role is rather different. See, in this, he plays Patrick (Patricia) 'Kitten' Braden.

I've always found Murphy to be compelling in his looks. He is oddly angular with terrifyingly light blue eyes. He uses this to his advantage when he's playing those evil killer men, because he looks so very evil. He's pretty in an odd way, but I wouldn't say that I find him overly attractive, just interesting really. I have to admit, he's always sort of scared me. There's nothing about him that looks real - not even his freckles.

So this role was perfect for him, really.

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And he gets to utter the line "If I wasn't a transvestite terrorist, would you marry me?", which I do think is fabulous.

Breakfast on Pluto isn't quite like any film I've ever seen before, although I am aware it is one of a movement, so to speak. I may not have seen films like it, but they do exist. It's fantasy crossed with period piece crossed with comedy and drama, in a way. The film also stars Liam Neeson, Stephen Rea and Brendan Gleeson. Or rather, they're in it, at different times, in different scenes. It's set in Ireland and London in the 60s and 70s.

The film is broken up into short chapters, as we follow the life of Patrick, or Kitten as he prefers to be known. He was left on the doorstep in a small village in Ireland to be adopted by a woman who didn't appreciate his idiosyncrisies and from a young age he felt he should be female, dressing in women's clothes and wearing make-up. He was haunted by the story of his mother, who supposedly "looked like Mitzi Gaynor" and he wanted desperately to find her, which is why he makes his way to London. Throughout the film we meet an assortment of characters who propel the plot. There are a few moments which are confusing.

There's one bit, for instance, when Kitten is with magician Bertie, s/he doesn't seem to mind it, but when friend Charlie comes s/he completely leaves Bertie. Just ups and goes. Sure, he was taking advantage of Kitten's vulnerability (via hypnotism and saying 'there's your mother' to have Kitten go running after audience members in his show), but this situation is certainly better than what was to come.

It's a multi-layered film. We've got identity crises and questions about sexuality and gender. We also have an example of the troubles Northern Ireland was going through, and the situation between Northern Ireland and Britain at the time. There's a lot to take in, but it works. The fragmented style of the film really helped a person like me, someone who has a diminished attention span used to multi-tasking and too much T.V. in following the dense narrative.

I liked it. It was bittersweet. It was fairly unpredictable. And I did think Murphy was good, although the constantly high lilt of his voice annoyed me at first. My favourite scene was the Wombles scene, and I thought Liam Neeson was completely ace.

Yay for films.

I still think a young Dave Foley is more attractive as a female.

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