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I just got the best feedback for an incredibly old story that I had to stop updating on Mugglenet Fan Fiction because the system wouldn't let me log in. It was posted on CoSForums in its entirety anyway, so I didn't mind at all. (This is the infamous Swapping with Snape I'm referring to). MNet Fanfiction has been randomly sending me review notifications this past month, and this one takes the cake;

"u like music or u take band because most people dont know what creshendo means..."


Other classics are;

"Er...she? I thought Flitwick was a guy!!"

I had previously explained that it was Flitwick's daughter (Oh, please don't ask.)

"lol He got drunk...kinda...but anyway. Good chapter, though i neva would hav expected them to hav a friendship..ah well its ur story.."

YES! Yes it is!

"lol Thats not tru! hygiene is 4 guys too! at least id hope! lol"

No it isn't. Clearly I believe everything my characters say!

This is my favourite review EVER;

"Hmmm, a very interesting beginning. When I first read the original summary I thought "Oh great, another abstract idea" But so far it actually seems to have some depth. Sort of :D."


Okay, so I guess I should explain Swapping with Snape. It is bodyswap fiction, as the title suggests. Harry and Snape are forced to swap bodies by Dumbledore - OH NOES! The thing is almost 40,000 words long (59 installments which were on average 700 words long) and was written from September 2003 to March 2005. I'M SLOW, OKAY? It was posted in the Flourish and Blotts section on CoSForums so it had to be Family Friendly.

It started as a nefarious attempt to write cracked out rubbish to garner responses. Yes, that's true. When I started the story I thought it was sensationalist crap. And it kind of... amalgamated into something else. I realised I liked it, quite a lot. I even started to think it was sort of... good at some points.

It's basically bad!fic with generally better spelling, vocabulary use and grammar. There are out of character moments. The plotting is atrocious and caused me constant angst. I kept writing myself into corners Paul Gross style. It's not cracky enough to be crack!fic. It is relatively family friendly, so it isn't even all that kinky.

I got ridiculous amounts of positive feedback for the story considering its actual worth. Not all of the responses were of the type posted here for posterity, either. Writers much, much better than me gave me positive feedback.

I know there's a lot wrong with it, but I have a have a large place in my heart for it anyway. It's pretty much a perfect reflection of myself as a person - it wants to have depth, but doesn't quite get there - it's erratic, it doesn't know where it's going, but it's silly and fun, doesn't take itself too seriously and hey, it doesn't kill kittens or cute little puppy dogs.
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