Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Hang on Sloopy, Sloopy hang on...

I did that thing where you make icons and offer them to the public again. This time for Kids in the Hall - Brain Candy. They're here if anyone is interested. So; that makes three, well, really, two sets of icons up for the sharing since I came onto livejournal - despite belonging to a community like iconrants, often making my own icons, and having several icon making friends. Prolific aren't I?

I guess the reason for this is that I like to just mess around with my graphics programs without there being any sort of expectation upon me. This creeps into my writing too, which is why I haven't written a long chaptered fiction since completing Swapping with Snape. I want to experiment without the tangles of someone coming along, liking what I do, and expecting more of the same. I accept that I am still just learning. I choose to learn in the bubble. Every now and then I'll pop out for some feedback, but then it will be straight back into the bubble again.

By the way, I love Adobe Photoshop 7. Especially the 'actions' feature. I didn't use it when making any of those KitH icons, but I was watching it do stuff in transfixed glee last night.

Also? I'm home from school again. Bleugh. I'm a terrible teacher - even if Sue did say I was "highly motivated, with a positive attitude, who uses initiative and is flexible to changes" on my interim report.
Tags: iconitis, kith
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