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Answers to Questions So Far Asked...

There are so many questions. Feel free to add more, however. I'm always up for a challenge.

Questions asked by jasper_su

1. What time of day did you post this entry?
The questions post was posted nearing midday. This post is being posted at around 2 in the afternoon.

2. What is your idea of the perfect day?
A day of good conversation, pleasant company and intellectual stimulation. This would ideally encompass a feeling of great achievement.

3. Five years ago, what did you imagine you'd be doing in five years time?
Let me check my journal at the time; Tuesday 11th June 2001: “I sometimes wonder if I'll look back on these days and be able to understand who I was, and what I was thinking.” Well, that’s irony for you.

4. What would you like to eliminate from your life, but haven't?
Over-dependence on the internet.

5. What is your favorite book for beginning readers?
Do you know those stories about Mog the cat and the witch? How about The Hungry Caterpillar? Then there’s Where The Wild Things Are.

Questions asked by zomgjess

1. Which do you think is your all time favorite fandom?
That depends on which definition of fandom you mean. If you mean the domain, the circle of fans, then the answer is simple; due South fandom. By and large, due South fans are the nicest people you will come to contact with on the internet. They’re generous, intelligent, amusing. The level of ridiculous annoyance that you’d find among the plethora of Harry Potter fans is greatly diminished in dS fandom. As for the actual object of the fandom, however, it is too difficult to choose! You have to remember, I am in no ways monogamous when it comes to intense fannish love. I can’t choose. I won’t choose. I love them all.

2. What is your favorite flower?
You’re going to hate me for being so incredibly boring, but the answer is the rose. I now feel compelled to burst into song a la Bette Midler.

3. What do you like about Australia?
I like lots of things. I like the scenery and habitat. I like the multiculturalism. Australia is a multi-faceted country. It’s not just “g’day mate” and kangaroos. You feel like you’re in completely different countries comparing rural and urban Australia. There are small histories I like which differ markedly from those which can be told. For instance, South Australia was one of the first places in the world to give women the choice to vote. I’m pretty sure you don’t want several thousand words worth of my love for Australia. But, despite the fact I'm not always raving on about it, I do love it here.

4. What is your favorite kind of cheese?
Cheddar or cream cheese. I’m also fond of mozzarella.

5. If you had to marry an HP character who would you pick?
Snape! Hahaha, just kidding. I think I’d pick Neville. Neville would treat me well, and I would appreciate him.

Questions asked by undeniablynikki

1. If extraterristrials came from the heavens right in front of you and asked to observe you for their scientific research, what kind of malicious practical jokes would you play on them?
I’m really not a practical joker. This is such a great question and it’s wasted on me. I can’t think of anything much I could do. I have failed you.

2. Do you believe that the sky is really blue or that our eyes are playing tricks on us and the sky is really the reddish brown color of fresh vomit?
Fresh vomit, of course. The sky isn’t blue, the colour is merely the compound of various different atmospheres. Occasionally my vomit is blue, though, so the two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

3. Have you been faithful to the things that seem to send your soul soaring in the past?

4. Who would you pick as your arch-nemesis to wage battle on around the globe until one or both of you are dead?
Hecubus. He’s just so evil. He serves satan. He’s bad, mean and deserves a worthy opponent capable of delivering the smack-down. Also, he needs sleep. And a shag. We’d be those kinds of arch-nemeses who screw each other on the side.

5. What does the fresh smell of springtime remind you of?

Questions asked by weppers

1) What type of writer do you want to be, is there a genre or style that is just screaming "LOZ"?
Young adult fiction, haha. No, really. I don’t seem to be able to get into an adult style of writing. I am also much better with short fiction than long. I practice different writing types, trying to find the right one for me. I’m usually better when I’m using a voice which is obviously different from my own.

2 and 3) What is the most enjoying part about teaching, what is the shittest?
The most joyful part of teaching is seeing the positive impact on the students, seeing them progress and develop. I also simply enjoy interacting with kids. The worst part of teaching, but the most valuable, I find, is planning. Planning is difficult, but it must be done.

4) What do you love about Adelaide? (I am going there soon for work, woohoo!)
I love the sense of open space, of green expanses. I love the name “Adelaide”, it’s pretty. It sounds like a good place to be. I’m a fan of the relaxed atmosphere. I love (though others hate) the quiet, somewhat slow nature Adelaide at first appears to have. I love the usual lack of traffic, and whilst it can be difficult and surely should be improved, the public transport isn’t nearly as bad as it is in other Australian cities. I love the fact that if you sat in the centre of Rundle Mall long enough, you could see yourself walk by. You can’t go anywhere without seeing someone who you are at least acquainted with in some way. It’s the perfect place for me, really. I'm so glad you're coming over, how long for? Would there be any way we could meet up or not?

5) Is there anything major in your life you wish you could change/take back?
Ah. Yes, there is. It’s this ridiculous thing. The first time I spoke to him (I hope you know the one I mean), we were walking up the Flinders main campus steps, and he stopped to tie his shoelaces. I didn’t stop, I just kept on walking across the quadrangle, unsure of what the etiquette was in that situation. And when he caught up to me, he had this wry smile. Every time I think of it, I think of it as a test.

Actually, that’s not really major, is it? Haha. Um. You know, on the one hand, yes of course. I really wish my father hadn’t had a stroke. But on the other, those experiences coloured who I am. I am stronger because of what the family endured at that time. Yes and no.

Questions by sansenmage

1 - What colors of lollipops do you like best?
Pastel pink and yellow, because they are sherbert lollipops and are guaranteed to send me living la vida loca.

2 - What are your favorite mnemonic devices?
I don’t, actually, use mnemonic devices. I should, I know I should, but I don’t. Considering how many acronyms I am wont to use, it is odd that I have not memorised a hundred and one different ways of remembering the order of the planets in the solar system. But I haven’t.

3 - What names for persons, not places and things, cause you to cringe at their mention?
Reginald. Dwight. Apparently anything to do with Elton John.

4 - What six celebrities--dead, alive, or dissected, would you like have on some entertaining reality show?
Entertaining reality show is surely an oxymoron? I would like to see the Kids in the Hall and Paul Bellini on Celebrity Poker Showdown… does that count?

5 - If woodchucks could chuck wood, would you watch the woodchuck chuck wood, and why?
Would the wood chucks chuck wood in the hood that withstood Chuck Norris?

Questions asked by rlf_2583

1/2. What name would you pick to name your son? Your daughter?
Christopher and Lilian.

3. How did you first get into LJ?
Ahh. Well, at CoSForums people in Hogsmeade all used to have an individual thread to themselves called a Riddle Diary. They were used by different people for different reasons. When the Forums got shifted around a bit and there were many more members of Hogsmeade, it was decided that the diary system should migrate to LJ. LJ had just got rid of that silly "invite token" thing they used to have. So, here I am. I migrated with a bunch of other CoSers. That's why a lot of my friends list is made up of people from CoS. But I have since branched out. I'm on LJ far more than CoS.

4. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Vancouver! Toronto! Somewhere in Canada.

5. What's your favorite animal?
Cats. I like cats.

Questions asked by chrys_20

1. Regardless of cost or convenience, if you were offered to see just one artist/band in concert, who would it be?
I had a ball when I went to see Weird Al Yankovic. But, probably Barenaked Ladies.

2. Where would your ideal home be?
In Adelaide. Yeah, I love it here.

3. What is your family situation like?
I still live at home with my parents and younger brother. I've got two brothers. My older brother is 32 and lives about an hour's drive away. My younger brother is 15 turning 16 in June.

4. What is an accomplishment to date your are most proud of?
Getting English Honours Second Class Division A. When I found out, I was ecstatic. Over the moon. I had spent the whole year positive I was going to fail. My Dad had a stroke. I wasn't in a good place. That little bit of paper I've got telling me I got Honours Second Class Division A is my proudest accomplishment, because it means more than the fact I wrote a whole bunch of essays. It means I survived the most difficult year of my life.

5. I can't think of any more questions??
Okay, I'll write one for you.

Pseudo-5. What does it take to get you obsessed in a tv show? (Because you seem to have a lot of obsessions.)
Not much. An actor I like. Clever dialogue. A good plot. And I'm there. I do become easily obsessed, I have to admit. And my obsessions linger. I'm still obsessed with Buffy and Angel, I just don't go on about them as much. That doesn't mean I didn't watch several episodes yesterday, nor that I've stopped quoting them.

Questions asked by ainegriffin

1) One tv program/book/movie you wish you were responsible for and why.
Vanity dictates that I wish I was responsible for one of those texts which has a mythos surrounding it. You know, something cultish and revered. I really wish I was responsible for Slings and Arrows, because it is brilliant. Then again, I also wish I was responsible for something so that I could change it, so perhaps Lost.

2) What's your favourite food?
As a meal it would be tortellini.

3) Do you see yourself staying in Oz forever?
Well, I see myself living here in the future, yes. But I'd like to travel. As I said before, I'd like to visit Canada. I'd like to go back to Britain - but probably only as a tourist, or for a working year.

4) what's the phrase you use most often?
Hah. Um. I think it's probably something like "I just realised". I seem to "just realise" things all the time. "It really is" also appears to be one high on the list.

5) What's your favourite fandom?
See my answer above to zomgjess.


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