Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

My fandom brings all the girls to the yard...

I just posted my Geoffrey Tennant essay up on idol_reflection. The essay can be found here. I attempted to write it so that anyone could read it, whether they had seen Slings and Arrows or not.

Now I need to start writing my essay on Richard Smith-Jones. I get the feeling the essay on Richard is going to be a lot harder to write for an audience who hadn't seen Slings and Arrows, so I suspect I shall write it more for an audience who has seen the show.

I really need to start writing various fictions for all of the things I've put myself up for. I estimate two Life on Mars fictions at the least. I expected to be able to do it this week, but that obviously hasn't happened.

I have to question why I keep getting myself into these things. As if I don't have enough work already!
Tags: s&a

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