Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

It deepens like a coastal shelf...

In between winning the snakesonablog icon competition for "planiest icon" (yes there are muthaf'ing snakes on my muthaf'ing plane), I have now become fully qualified to give basic First Aid and know what to do if I suspect a student in my school is being abused in some way. Good for me.

These last two days have been really draining. It's a huge amount of information to digest. A lot of First Aid is common sense, but then you have things like EAR and CPR and circumstances which seem quite contradictory. I'm really pleased I now have this qualification, however. I want to go get my Senior First Aid.

Today was really confronting, looking at Child Abuse. It's amazing how many ways you can harm a child. Physical, by Neglect, Emotional, Sexual. All forms of abuse towards children which I may encounter in my line of work. Which I may have already encountered, I suspect.
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