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A is for apple sauce, my favourite meal...

We're going on a picnic today. In our brand new shiny red car. I'm genuinely excited. It's been years since we've gone on a picnic. The weather is fine but a bit blustery. This week is full of me going out. I have First Aid training on Wednesday, Mandatory Notification training on Thursday.

I may not have mentioned this yet, but I start my Final Teaching Practicum next week. I am a Student Teacher, this is my final year of University (hopefully), and I'm about to go out into a Primary (Elementary) School for eight weeks - to teach. I've been visiting the school all throughout the first term, so it isn't too scary. I know my supervising teacher and my students. This is much better than my first two Practicums where they just plonk you in the school without letting you get to know anyone before you need to teach.

My first Teaching Practicum of four weeks didn't go so well. It was a Private School, a Greek Orthodox school, actually. I was terrified and nervous around the adults, and my Supervising Teacher didn't help. One of the first things she said to me was "I've failed students before." Well, thank you. Bag. She clearly didn't want me there, and didn't like it when the students responded well to me. The students did respond well to me, I was given three cards and had two students recite me a song. However, my Supervising teacher still gave me the lowest mark without failing me. During this time I deleted my journal for a week because I was depressed and feeling particularly moronic.

My second Teaching Practicum of six weeks went wonderfully. I was at a Public School which gets the most funding from the government because they have the most disadvantaged students. Half of my class were students from an ESL background. 5 were on Negotiated Education Plans. One student told me gladly of how he used to spit at his (since departed) teacher last year. I got sworn at, had students march out of my class, and had a student throw rocks at the class as it came in from the oval. It was great. I loved it. My supervising teacher was a sweetheart. The students loved me (marching out of class notwithstanding). I felt welcomed, I enjoyed going to school.

This Teaching Practicum I'm at a school which is quite similar to the last one in terms of size, but is one of the lower levels of funding because the government does not deem its students disadvantaged. The students are wonderful. On my first prac they were year 5s (9-10 years old), last prac year 6-7s (11-13 years old), but this time I've got the tiny young ones from the earliest two years (5-7 years old). This is known as Reception/Year 1 in South Australia. They're adorable. I'm certainly feeling more confident than I did on either of the other pracs, but that doesn't mean I'm not still nervous and jittery. I feel like I have the style of teaching which is comfortable for me down, now I need to start figuring out the "what" to teach. I'm looking forward to it with barely contained nervous energy.

All in all, I'm just a ball of excitement today.

ETA: I forgot about this; This is how it works: Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along.

I was given L.

L is for Love; something which I have in abundance but want more of.
L is for Life on Mars a new show which I enjoy a lot.
L is for Loser, which someone called me once, before he never got spoken to again.
L is for Livejournal, a place which occupies a fair amount of my day.
L is for Lying, something I once used to do quite a bit, but attempt not to do these days.
L is for Lord of the Rings, which I successfully didn't watch for years until I did.
L is for Lekman, the surname of Swedish singer Jens. He amuses me.
L is for Linda, my mother. She is a wonderful person, even if we do occasionally have argy-bargies.
L is for Living, something you have to keep on doing.
L is for Laura. Who I really am. Despite all evidence to the contrary.

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