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Poll #715469 Linguistic...

What is your favourite word?

What is your least favourite word?

Make up a word (what does it mean?)

Also, I stole this from grrliz because clearly I am a THIEF!

Basically it's a meme where you list LJ friends who [dot dot dot]

I have to admit, I'm starting to wonder why I took it because the questions are hard. It says "list five of the LJ friends that you most look up to and admire" and I have to think about it because my automatic answer is "okay, but there's around 129 people I could list, fictional characters not included?!"

List all of the LJ friends who you know or have met IRL.
liani_banks (Amy), torins (Simon), scidazzle (the defunct LJ of my brother Nick - cue the eye-rolling.)

List five of the LJ friends that you have never met IRL, but think that you'd get along with best.
foolieonthehill, weppers, grrliz, vovat, sansenmage

List five of the LJ friends that you most look up to and admire.
mzcalypso, mattgoth, lanifiel, m1thrandir, versaphile

Which of your LJ friends do you think has the best username?

List five of the LJ friends that you wish that you knew better.
doomcrayon, avaluthien, china_shop, mergatrude, hermioneluna

Do you have any LJ friends that you are kind of intimidated by? If so, list them.
I chose not to answer this question.

Do you have any LJ friends on your list who irritate you or make you angry?
No, I can't say I do.

What about having anyone on your LJ friends list who make you laugh until it hurts?
piapiapiano, undeniablynikki, shappyshaps, sansenmage and foolieonthehill have been known to do that.

Who do you consider to be the most physically beautiful person on your LJ friends list?
I'd like to answer "me!" but I don't have myself on my friends list. Okay then, captain_pookers (Er, the less evil version of this is 'everyone I've seen a picture of', though it should probably be callam.)

Finally, who on your LJ friends list do you envy most and why?
__data__ - he may not be human, but he can still feel!

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