Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

A is for angry which is what you are at me...

After my public declaration of needing human contact (hey, it's how I do things) liani_banks decided she needed to stage an intervention, so she came over, we hung out last night, and then we went to the birthday party of a lovely young fellow by the name of Stephen.

I made her watch Kids in the Hall and in return I watched Little Britain sketches up on YouTube. It's free love for all, baby. It was fun. We should do it more often.

This week I am having first aid training, having mandatory notification training, getting my license renewed and hopefully Driving In Our New 2002 Model Car. Like WOAH, we got a relatively new car. It's the newest car we've had since coming to Australia, where all of our cars have been BOMBS (meanwhile, Dad has a graphics tablet, we have three computers, two tvs and 3 mp3 players - priorities?)

It's pretty, and it's red and I like it. It's making me... want to drive. This is not normal.

You see, since my driving lessons with Max, (which some of you will remember), I have not driven. I have not driven since June 2004. I now have my full license, and I can't remember how to drive. I need a refresher course, STAT. In a SHINY RED CAR!

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