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Is that a rocket in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?..

The new challenge at ds_flashfiction is all about weaponry.

First of all, it inspired me to write a crack drabble...

Title: Trebuchets Slinging Turtles
Word Count: 100 words
Fandom: due South
Notes: Indeed, I am a challenge too late with the crack. Turtles were harmed in the making of this drabble.

“The trebuchet has been used in the past to sling the bodies of people who’d died of the black plague over a castle’s walls, in an attempt to infect all those inside.”

Ray didn’t hear Fraser.

“The etymons of the word ‘trebuchet’ comes from Old French, trebucher, which means ‘to throw over’.”

Ray placed suited turtle Steve in his sling. He looked at Fraser to do the same for McQueen.

“A lot of people think the trebuchet is a catapult.”

The triggers were released and the counterweights fell. The slings lifted off and whipped in upward arcs.

“They’re finally free.”

And then it got me thinking about how I view weaponry, and specifically, weaponry in regards to due South.

I'm one of those people who proclaim they don't like guns. I know that people would use any manner of weaponry if guns had not been invented, but I just don't think they do any good, either. I'm glad I don't live in a society where there's a gun in every desk drawer. But there's something about a male lead in a film or tv show I enjoy holding a gun. My dislike of guns ostensibly disappears, to be replaced by a slight edging towards the front of my seat, a small opening of the mouth. I'm sure it's something phallocentric.

Perhaps it is an ingrained perception that years of film and television has instilled. If I had never watched a film or a television show, this reaction would never occur. The perception has been constructed in my mind by auteurs who know how to use camera angles and plot progression to relate the message that guns are okay under certain circumstances, hey, not just okay, but damn sexy. A gun held by Fraser or one of the Rays is infinitely more attractive and instantly capable of being a force of good as opposed to a gun being held by, say, a real life bank robber. The danger it ascribes to otherwise innocuous, often sweet natured characters becomes an element of wonderment. An innate curiosity in dominance and power.

Of course, the reason might be the gap between reality and fiction. I know these characters don't exist, so their danger, whilst palpable in some respects, is really just dust in the air in the grand scheme of things. I still dislike real guns, but fictional guns are allowed for the very fact they are fictitious, not real, imaginary.

Also, given the situation, it might not just be guns which create this reaction in me. I seem to recall being enthalled by Fraser's knife-throwing in due South. And Billy Tallent's knife-licking escapade in Hard Core Logo. How about a knife? ... or a trebuchet?
Tags: due south, fandom, writing

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