Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

A meme, my kingdom for a meme...

joandarck created this meme which I think is all kinds of wonderful;

What if your life were a badfic prompt?

So there's liek this girl and she's liek lonley so she decieds shes' totally gonna ask that boy in the blak coat out, right? But then these awesome spylike dudes and a MOUNTIE from her favrite tv shows liek come to life coz she spends liek more n 2/4 her life weatching tv! There's this totally sexeee cerealkillah who might just be an actordude trying to maybe help? And choklet, lots of choklet. So she has to sort it out, okay? And she's really scard to coz she's liek a gril, and can't do nething! Wil she ever get to ask out blak cooat boy, and what if liek, the MOUNTIE or the cerealkillah is liek way hotter, evn tho they dont' exist? R rating for gratitous swareing n lots of NAKED MEN but no sex coz that's liek gross, yeah? PLZ R&R I WONT' RITE THE NEXT TWENTYBZABILLIONCHAPPTERS IF YOU DONT'!!!!!!111!!!


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