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We're not gonna sit in silence, we're not gonna live in fear...

Title: Dangerous Ways
Rating: G
Word Count: 630 words.
Fandom: due South
Notes: F/V from Vecchio’s perspective because I need to practice his voice. It’s Ray’s birthday. Woo for birthdays.

Several hundred ways of expressing affection, and Fraser had to choose the one which involved dangling off a cliff. Of course.

“Benny, you did not, I repeat, did not need to do this.”

“I know. I wanted to, Ray.” Fraser’s voice was slightly rasped, his Super-Mountie bravery finally failing him just a little.

“I know you love me, Benny.”


“My point is that you don’t have to do this.”

“You’re starting to get repetitive, Ray.”

Was he laughing? Ray could swear there was the hint of amusement in Fraser’s tone.

“I’d really prefer it if you’d grab my arm and come back up here.”

“No, I don’t think I can do that, Ray.”

For the love of all that was Good and Holy.

“You’re not completely right in the head, are you?”

Ray stared transfixed, as Benton Fraser, RCMP, continued to swing on a platform many more miles in the air than any sane person would have liked. Ray had to admit, the only comforting thing about this was that he wasn’t down there sitting alongside the blue-eyed Mountie. It wasn’t that he was chicken, because he wasn’t, it was just that he was worried the extra weight wouldn’t hold up. Yeah, that was it.

“I’m ready for that arm now, Ray.”


Ray bent down and allowed Fraser to coil a wiry grip around the top of his arm as he returned the action. Within a few short seconds, he was hauling Fraser up, as the other man used his feet to gain traction on the side of the cliff-face. It was taking a while.

Fraser slipped. Ray nearly had a heart-attack. He was supporting Fraser’s whole weight now, as floundering and heavy breathing occurred. Luckily, within the next moment, Fraser was back with a foot neatly wedged into a crevice, and assisted in his retrieval to more stable ground.

“Sorry about that, Ray. I must have lost my footing.”

“Don’t you ever, ever do that to me again.” Ray was so relieved, so angry, so amazed that he couldn’t think of anything else to say. He placed his hands on Fraser’s shoulders and dragged him into a deep kiss before pushing him away again. “I mean it, Benny.” He stared at the other man intensely.

“I wanted to give you something special on your birthday.”

“Special I can handle. Causing havoc in the most dangerous of ways to provide that special item? Makes no sense.”

This time Fraser really was laughing. Ray couldn’t believe it.

“I’m serious! Is death not a concept you understand?”

“Come now, Ray, you’re being melodramatic. I knew you wouldn’t let me go. You’re more than strong enough to bear my weight for a short period of time.”

“I’ll talk to you about bearing your weight…”

“It was worth it, Ray. Look.”

Fraser held out the sketch of what lay before them. His insistence that the view be taken from that particular spot didn’t seem so stupid now that Ray could see it with his own eyes. It wasn’t nearly as impressive higher up at the top of the cliff. The angle was all wrong.

Curves of the land and foliage were deftly drawn in charcoal. The river cut a swathe through the beautiful vista, creating a striking dynamic between calm and agitation.

“It’s perfect, Benny. Like you are, minus the insanity.”

“Thank you kindly. I love you, Ray.”

“I love you too. Now. I’m freezing. Don’t we have a birthday meal to get to? And then I want you to give me my other present, Benny.”


“Yeah. This one will be given to me safely within the walls of our room at the motel, understand?”


“Glad we got that straight.”

“I’m not sure that’s the right word, Ray.”

“Wise guy.”

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