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Your responses have been dulled by drink, drink and stupidity...

I didn't sleep well last night. I kept waking up. This was annoying, because when I did dream, it involved a young Dave Foley, and whilst everything was kind of bizarre and somewhat like I was on hallucinogens, it was interesting.

I think it might have been so strange because I fell asleep listening to the Lost soundtrack. I like the soundtrack a great deal more than I like the show. I don't mind the show, but I'm not crazy-obsessed with it, however I love the music and have listened to this soundtrack on almost constant repeat. I also loved the music for The Family Stone, so it might just be that I like Michael Giacchino's work.

The soundtrack has a great deal of humour which I find is lacking in the program, such as track titles including "Crocodile Locke", "Locke'd Out Again", "Thinking Clairely", "Run Away! Run Away!" and "World's Worst Beach Party". The main themes from "Departing Sun" and "Life and Death" are my favourites. They echo throughout the other tracks and evoke such emotion. "I've Got A Plane to Catch" is enjoyable to listen to. And then you have the "doom doom" moments, which I think instilled a feeling of terror in my semi-conscious mind, resulting in restless sleep.

ETA: This didn't seem to warrant another post ("but Loz, that's never worried you before!" you say), however I felt the need to let this out.

It's happened again. My parents, and even this time my older brother Jeremy, have managed to annoy me.

If I am showing you my video, dear family, and have indicated that, apart from narration, it is a finished product - I do not expect constructive criticism. I expect a compliment! More than one compliment! A few compliments would be nice. When I ask for constructive criticism, on the other hand, I want you to point out flaws and improvements. I do not merely want you to say "yeah."

I question why this is such a difficult concept to understand. I am a naturally enthusiastic person, I admit. I like telling people, often in great detail, what I like about them, their work, their impact on my life, and even their pet dog. I use adjectives. If I feel the need to say something critical, I balance this out with something positive. I shall further admit that I have cultivated this skill. I've thought about my words and what they may mean to the people I am responding to.

Perhaps this is a unique personality quirk, but I would like it very much if certain people - yes, those related to me by flesh and blood, could start doing something similar.

Another instance of me showing a completed group project to my family, and instead of 'that was nice editing', 'I liked those titles' or some other innocuous positive comment, this time it was 'you should have had this at the ending'. What the hell, family? What the hell? No 'nice editing, you could have had this at the ending', just the blunt demand which seems far more like it is saying 'haha, everything you do is bad and you should feel bad'.

I wonder if I am the only person in the world to get annoyed by such trivialities.
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