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Being somewhat masochistic, I claimed Geoffrey Tennant and Richard Smith-Jones to do character study essays of on idol_reflection

Then I read that there's only going to be a third season of Slings and Arrows.

And I cried. Seriously, I have no idea where it came from, but tears sprang to my eyes and I felt my throat constrict.

I had no idea I had become quite so attached, but obviously I had. I don't want there to only be one more season. It's such a wonderful show. Their seasons are only six episodes long! It's just not fair.

Obviously, it makes sense. They always conceived of Slings and Arrows as three seasons, and I would much prefer that they would go with their vision than try and stretch it out for little reason. However, at the same time, it really is so very engaging.

I've already finished my draft copy of my essay on Geoffrey. I tried to make it as accessible for people who have not seen Slings and Arrows as possible, whilst still actually saying a lot about him. There are spoilers, but they're integral to who Geoffrey is as a character.
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