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BsG almost didn't make it to Loz central…

But it did eventually, after all that fuss.

Okay, so I was lost as soon as it said "Guest Star: Callum Keith Rennie" because, really, who wouldn't be?

Thanks to an unfortunate spoiler, I knew that Dean Stockwell/Brother Cavil was a cylon. However, I was still kind of surprised to see him on Caprica. I was thoroughly amused with his almost Vaudevillian villain "yes, I'm a cylon. Take me to your leader!" Much humour, there. I like his cylon model, bwahahaha. But, proclaiming there is no God? Um. Six probably doesn't like you much, huh?

Anders still reminds me of Lee (looks wise only), but in the scene with those two and Starbuck, it's more like Lee looking like the pocket version of Anders, hahaha. I really don't like Starbuck in that scene, though. I basically just don't like Starbuck when she's drunk.

I'm not sure Lee would approve of Dee helping rig the votes. I love Gaeta, however.

Onto the main point of this episode, though.

One year later?

I mean, seriously… ?

If this was a show that often made large time jumps, then okay, okay I could probably understand. But since it's not. I guess that other time shift, after Lee got shot, that should have been the indicator, huh? Eeeeeh. I really hate it when things like this happen. Yes, BsG has done time jumps, so that much was in keeping, however, a whole year is difficult for me to comprehend.

I just… ech. It didn't work for me. I don't give a toss about Starbuck with Anders, but I am surprised she went to New Caprica, because we hear time and time again that she's the best pilot, and you'd think they'd have a steady patrol going or something.

Also, Lee's hair was a serious mis-step if ever I saw one. Okay, I'm joking now, but really. He looked cute apart from the weariness and the hair. Like Ah-chie! He's been looking way too thin, so it was good to see him not looking like he'd snap in half if you hugged him. And I like Lee/Dee, so that didn't bother me either.

I just hate huge time shifts in texts which haven't operated with them previously. I rarely find them satisfying. This episode reminds me of the Voyager finale - and this is not a good thing to be reminding me of.

Callum was only in it for a second, too. Yes, it was a hot second, but it was still only a second.

Well, I wait for next season.

Nick's going to be furious. I can see his reaction right now.

Season two, especially the last half of season two, seems like missed opportunity after missed opportunity. I don't understand why you would set situations up, quite deliberately, with signifiers and character actions, and then not follow through on them.

I'm not only talking about Lee and Kara, although that is part of it, nor am I only referring to Roslin's cancer (because, if ever there was an anti-climax, that was it). It is these and many more besides.

What happened to Lee being Roslin's advisor? They had such great onscreen chemistry together. Yet, we hardly ever saw them in each other's presence in the last half of the season. I liked that Bill and Laura became close, but did this have to be to the detriment of baby Adama? I would argue no, but it appears it was.

How about Lee's suicidal feelings? They built that up beautifully, painfully and then never capitalised on it again. We are to assume he got over these feelings easily, I suppose? What about his feelings of honour in duty? He forgot them too. Perhaps if we had seen it happening, it would have made more sense.

Invisible Six is simply a hallucination, and yes, I am still ranting on about this, because it just doesn't gel with me. There are so many things which don't add up, the least of which being Gaius somehow having the ability to tell the future.

The whole lack of Leoben throughout the season was silly. I don't just say this as a Callum fangirl, I say it as someone who watched the Pilot and "Flesh and Bone" and concluded that Leoben was an extremely important character. If this was entirely Callum's fault, as he was off gallivanting on second-rate shows like Supernatural then I understand, but I'm not sure it was.

In fact, if they wanted to do an episode like "Downloaded", why didn't they show us the cylons before this? We used to have those little scenes of Six and Doral having conversations when Helo was on Caprica. A scene here and there probably wouldn't have gone astray... so that when "Downloaded" did happen it wasn't quite so "gratuitous cylonesque episode!" (And I am aware that I was in raptures after that episode, but now that I look at it in context of the entire series, it feels out of place. Yes, the podcast probably poisoned my mind, which is why I am never listening to another podcast again.)

On the cylons in general - the resurrection ship. Why would you create something like this, something which is so intriguing, and then do away with it after an episode? I simply do not understand the thinking behind spending the money and going to the trouble of the Resurrection, only to have it go kaboom in a short space of time. When you think about all of the things that might have happened, the implications and consequences.

Ellen Tigh's existence. It remains a mystery. This was a storyline that they could have done so much more with. I don't like Ellen, but presumably she's there for a reason? The same with Zarek. We have hints of him here and there being integral and then he fades away for a while, before coming back and being integral. Actually, the same once more with Gina. Why did they set up the nuclear warhead exchange only to have Gina use it as a quick suicide route? (Also just so the cylons could find them again?!)

The whole cylon plan. Which they obviously had, with Sharon and Six and Doral discussing things on Caprica. Then D'Anna's video and the MST style screening. It gets completely changed by SuperheroSix and SuperheroBoomer. In a seeming instant. How is this good plotting? Please tell me? Because I really can't see it.

As I said, it feels like missed opportunity after missed opportunity. There are a couple of standout episodes, of standout moments, but as a whole cohesive object? It doesn't work. The plotting is shaky, unstable, full of potential plot holes which more closely resemble a deep dark abyss.

Under convention, you foreshadow something happening, in as subtle a way as you like, and then you follow through on it. You can do a red herring here or there, but you usually substitute that outcome with something which works better, on a higher level. And it doesn't feel like they've done that. It feels like they've tried to balk convention, and left us with a tangled mess of well developed characters and interesting ideas.

Writers - convention exists for a reason. Yes, it really does. It is convention, more often than not, because it works. Real life may not be all signifiers, specific directions, and small hints here and there. Looking at my life and my chance encounters with the Boy, you'd have thought we'd have ended up together, yes? Girl meets Boy. Girl loves Boy. Girl keeps meeting Boy and loving Boy. Surely, it's meant to be? But that never happened. And never will happen. So real life? Not so much with the clever plotting. But that is precisely why fiction is fiction - and clever plotting is to be valued. Conventional plotting 1, Battlestar Galatica season two 0.

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