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Title: Duodecimal
Rating: G
Fandom: due South
Characters: Benton Fraser and Ray Vecchio
Word Count: 144 words.
Notes: Oh ‘Word of the Day’, how I love thee.

When Ray had turned around and asked him, Benton had thought it a relatively silly question. He was not, however, in the habit of being abrupt.

“My favourite number is twelve. Twelve is divisible by two, three, four and six. There are twelve months in a year and twelve hours on a clock. There are twelve tones in the musical scale, twelve signs of the zodiac and we should not forget the twelve labours of Hercules. Most importantly, our number system would make perfect sense if we used the number twelve instead of ten as its base. There are twelve phalanges on our four fingers and we could use our thumb as an indicator. In fact, you will find that some cultures-”

“Frase, all I wanted was another number for my lottery ticket. I did not need a lecture.”

“Ah... sorry.”

“Thanks. Jieetyet?”


Tags: due south, writing

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