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Filmic goodness...

This evening I saw two films. Both romantic comedies, though one was quite different from the other.

Must Love Dogs

I was surprised by how much I liked this film. I just made the mistake of looking at imdb, and the rating is quite low. Why? I thought it was funny, and cute. It was, perhaps, not as well plotted as it could have been, but it strayed from stereotypes and clichés when I would have wanted, and kept with them when I would have wanted too. It wasn't spectacular, but it was enjoyable. I rather fear I'm far too forgiving.

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

I liked this production of P&P. It was nicely done, with beautiful shot composition, a lovely soundtrack and sound performances. It shall henceforth be my P&P quick-fix. Had a bad day? Darcy. Feeling down? Darcy. In massive amounts of hellish menstrual pain? Darcy. Darcy. Darcy.

It was basically like the mini-series on speed.

I have a few minor gripes, most of them of course in comparison to the mini-series. I thought the dialogue, especially at the beginning, was too quick. There was less satirical humour than I would have liked. Collins was not nearly, nowhere nearly, simply not creepy enough. David Bamber blows Tom Hollander out of the water as far as Creepy Collins performance goes. I don't think we saw enough of Wickham for his betrayal to be as significant as it should be. And I wasn't very fond of Donald Sutherland as Mr. Bennet either (it's not just me is it? He's a much less snarky Mr. Bennet).

Matthew Macfadyen was as wonderful as I thought he was going to be. My main complaint in that department is that we didn't see enough of him, and in saying this I also refer to the distinct lack of a wet shirt scene. However, the walk through the morning mist? I have a feeling that scene is going to be played over, and over, and over again.

And I did not thoroughly dislike Keira Knightley, either, though I would not have nominated her for an Academy award for the performance. I thought she did well. Jennifer Ehle is still my Elizabeth, but I liked Keira's Elizabeth. She was graceful when need be, and foolish when need be, and all in all, a worthy heroine.

Judi Dench and Brenda Blethyn rocked my socks off. There were many beautiful self-contained little moments which I delighted in, and as I said, it was fantastically shot - really, amazing scenery, lighting and composition. Long shots and framing, and everything you could possibly want to convey atmosphere.

I still think the mini-series is better, but in that situation, they had almost six hours to develop the characters and plotline. Of course it would feel more cohesive and full of romance.

And can I just say once more - Macfadyen as Darcy? Hell yes. I love Colin, I really do, but I also enjoy Macfadyen.

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