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2 countdown surveys...

I was tagged by undeniablynikki to do this one;

"Name five of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick five people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not use things that someone else has already used."

1. Waking up and having no serious responsibilities for the day.
2. Watching something with an actor I like. Or even a cartoon character I like. Watching anything I like.
3. Singing along loudly to whatever's playing.
4. Having a cool shower on a long hot day.
5. Talking to the boy in the long black coat. I couldn't think of anything else, sorry.

I don't think I'll pick anyone. Do it if you want.

And this longer one, I stole from vovat;

TEN things we'd find in your supermarket cart:
01 -- Cream Cheese
02 -- Block Cheddar Cheese
03 -- Diet Vanilla Cola
04 -- AAA batteries (for my mp3 player)
05 -- Tin of Sliced Beetroot
06 -- Bananas
07 -- Pre-made Tortellini
08 -- Cranberry Sauce
09 -- Bread
10 -- Chocolate

NINE things I'm wearing:
01 -- Red shirt
02 -- Jeans
03 -- Black and purple socks
04 -- A bra
05 -- Underwear
06 -- My watch
07 -- Blue converse shoes
08 -- Hairband
09 -- A smile

EIGHT things on my Mind:
01 -- Friday (the easybeats song - Friday on my Mind).
02 -- Reese Witherspoon is a good singer.
03 -- I want to see Walk the Line.
04 -- Dave Foley and Kevin McDonald are one true platonic pairing. OTPP!
05 -- Mmmmmm. Daaaaave.
06 -- I hope the play I'm going to see tonight is good.
07 -- I wish I'd gone to writer's week sessions today.
08 -- It's a shame they didn't have more interesting people at Writer's Week this year.

SEVEN items I Touch everyday:
01 -- Myself. And I don't mean that in a Divinyls way. Pervert.
02 -- My sensodyne toothpaste.
03 -- My mouse.
04 -- My keyboard.
05 -- My mp3 player.
06 -- The fridge door.
07 -- Food.

SIX things I Do everyday:
01 -- Eat.
02 -- Sleep.
03 -- Breathe.
04 -- Use the computer.
05 -- Listen to music.
06 -- Watch dvds or the television.

FIVE things I want to Do before I die:
01 -- Have a novel or collection of short stories published.
02 -- Visit Canada.
03 -- Successfully teach students many things.
04 -- Have a tangible boy to fangirl (without it being scarily stalkerish).
05 -- Own Same Guys New Dresses and KitH: Tour of Duty on DVD.

FOUR things I will Never do:
01 -- Travel into space.
02 -- Go skydiving.
03 -- Be a man.
04 -- Fall off a cliff. I hope.

THREE things I Do when I wake up:
01 -- Grunt.
02 -- Pry myself away from my saliva.
03 -- Pray I don't have to do anything too strenuous that day.

TWO of my favorite foods:
01 -- Cheese
02 -- Chocolate

ONE person I love more than any other: Myself. Of course.


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