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The height of just too muchery...

In February, I enjoyed updating ds_recs once a week way too much. I spent hours on my entries, doing the capping, prettying up the caps, coming up with captions which were attempting to be amusing without being highly offensive, coding the html, waiting until it was Tuesday in the majority of places in the world before posting.

It gave me an intense geeky pleasure to preface each post with a Kids in the Hall quote. Even though the whole purpose of this LJ hotspot is to provide recommendations to the due South fan community (episodes, characters, fanfiction), as has already been alluded, I had been showing off lots and lots of screencaps. The duplication of layers set to screen and soft light blend modes made me think I should have figured out if I could utilise actions in photoshop elements, but apart from that, it was insane fun. Actually, more often than not, I had to individualise opacities anyway, so it may not have been any easier.

Post 1 - Ray Vecchio.

Post 2 - The pure, pure love between Ray Vecchio and Benton Fraser.

Post 3 - Diefenbaker!

Post 4 - Random pictures detailing some of the pretty.

I'm actually going to miss doing it.
Tags: due south, fandom

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