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Battlestar Galactica came late to Loz Central...

Yes, it came late this time. But BOY was it worth it. BEST EPISODE THIS SEASON. And this is whilst remembering that the episode featured absolutely no Lee 'Apollo' Adama.

It was tight, well dialogued, engaging and totally frakked with my mind. It ruined nearly every conception I had built up about the show, the cylons, and everything inbetween. The only downside, but a large one nonetheless, was lack of Leoben. Of any time to bring out Leoben, this was the best time. Damn you Callum and your busy schedule of doing tiny guest parts in silly shows.

Is it terrible, really twisted, that I was envisaging a wave of femmeslash, Doral/Doral action and the like? Probably. If I were that kind of writer I'd be right in there writing as many messed up cylonesque stories as I could. Oh, and Doral/Leoben - because Doral is the cylon equivalent of Fraser, with his red blazers and his politeness, and that would just be funny.

Er, onto the actual episode and not the deep dark recesses of my mind;

I think it's 'God' messing with Gaius and Six. I don't think it's a fractured consciousness for both of them, because that is too coincidental, and their respective selves act in far too similar a manner. I love love loved invisible Gaius. Oh God he rocked. I wish he was like that all the time. He was so sleek, so cultured, so evil.

The angry workout music of Boomer amused me greatly. She's so emo. Hahaha. Yes, yes, she has every right to be - but that doesn't negate how amusing it was.

I love Doc Cottle.

Kerry! Even though Jamie wasn't in it, it was good to see one member of the Griffith family made the cut.

Um. I actually can't think of anything else. I can't wait to see what they do with this new information they've given us.

ETA: I don't listen to the podcasts, because... well, I don't actually know, I just don't particularly want to - but apparently Ron Moore has stated that invisible Six and Gaius are hallucinations? Um. Hmm. That doesn't completely disprove the 'they're God' theory, but it does put it on the backburner and singe it around the edges. If this is the case, that they are just hallucinations, I find that kind of... craptastic. They're too similar in terms of character construction, their manipulation methods, their entire existence, really. The fact that both of them exist, I mean. I could handle one or the other, but both? Does this mean our Galactica Gaius can somehow predict the future? His scientific mind is so advanced he sees patterns from which he can extrapolate outcomes (a la Leoben)? Because there are many times invisible Six just knows things Gaius shouldn't know.

I'm listening to the podcast now, and I'm hearing 'symmetry' and 'profound' and 'duality' being bandied about. I think everyone who has ever read any piece of fiction I have written knows that I LOVE symmetry. I'm ALL FOR symmetry. I find symmetry appealing and beautiful. I need a long time to warm up to this idea. Invisible Six is a hallucination? Invisible Gaius is a hallucination? Profound, profound, profound. Guilt. Psychosis. Identical manipulative hallucinations! Or not. I liked this episode so much better sans podcast knowledge.

Well, like many other people in worldwide fandom - I choose to ignore this extraneous information as canon. I shall make my own canon! My own canon makes much more sense to me! This episode is still great!

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