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Battlestar Galactica 2006...

I am so traumatised right now. Billy! Oh my poor, darling, sweet, sometimes brilliant Billy. I can't believe they killed you.

... I hope you were a cylon.

I don't like the thought of never seeing you again.

I didn't mind this episode. It was fine. It wasn't as suspenseful or engrossing as it could have been, but then, it wasn't as annoying or cliché as it could have been either. It was mostly predictable. I was saying from early on that they should use dead Sharon 1 as a decoy, and they did, even if it wasn't as successful as I thought it could have been.

I love Dee, we all know that, I loved her long, long before she became a major player, but I did think she made some mistakes. Then again, we don't get to see the full picture, so it might not have been as cold-hearted as it looked with just the information we were presented. Also, part of the reason I like this show is that people make mistakes - even if I am sometimes a hypocrite about it.

With the whole Billy - Dee - Lee - Kara thing (I feel like I'm singing a nursery rhyme), I think it's a complex situation. From the beginning I have always found Billy/Dee and Lee/Kara to be the way I've wanted it to play out. I enjoyed Billy/Dee, thought they looked good together, enjoyed their fiesty interactions. I really liked Billy and didn't think he was utilised enough. Lee/Kara, well, I could spend forever justifying it, or I could just say "I like it," and leave it at that. However, not being a crazy rabid shipper in any of my fandoms, I've always been open to new things. And I love Dee deeply, so the thought of her and Lee does not upset me in the slightest. Obviously it's not going to be Billy/Dee anymore, even if it turns out he is/was a cylon. Oh, Billy.

In fact, can I just say; Billy? You're underappreciated, man. There you are; you're cute, you're intelligent, you're plugging along even though you appear to be mostly alone in the fleet. You have great interaction with the President, and sometimes you are the only voice of reason. We start to see less and less of you (because of a possible new show at one point for Campbell?) And on this, your last day with us, you get shafted in more way than one. It's not fair. That was a very Whedonesque send-off, actually. How horrible. That scene with the President in the morgue - awww. I expect her to be really distressed by this in weeks to come, when you think of all the support he gave her.

Kara was cool this time around. Yes, even if she did shoot Lee. It was another mistake, but at least it was in keeping with everything else that was going on. And really, I'm willing to forgive a lot of things depending on reaction and response, and Kara's was touching.

There was good use of mirroring this time around, with Dee telling Lee not to go whilst Kara looked on from the shadows. A clever little detail. Also, Bill looking at dead cylons again - does he have some kind of obsession? I'd say so. That's once looking at dead Leoben, twice looking at dead Sharon. Hmm.

I still hate Ellen Tigh. Man, I'd love to smack her upside the head. Just one good thwack, right upside the head. Um, I know, it's awful, but I did say "just shoot" when she was being held at gunpoint, I really did.

I look forward to next week's episode, anyway.

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