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Loz central has shifted programming to Battlefar Galaxica...

Hmm. Apparently last week's episode was sexist. I think my inner feminist must have been taking a holiday because I didn't notice that. I saw people making mistakes, and people having warped views of the world, but an ingrained prevalent sexist message? There were no flashing beacons for me. Then again, I am notorious for missing out on ingrained sexist messages, since until about the age of 19, I always thought sexism was a thing of the past and never saw it being exacted towards me. Bwah.

Anyway. Onto this week's episode.

Funnily enough, I did find this episode sexist. Or perhaps not entirely sexist, but certainly possessed of character assassination.

It seemed to me that Kara regressed, a whole lot, right back to the Pilot. And whilst I actually quite liked her in the Pilot, I also found her deeply flawed. Since then she climbed up in my estimation and I was growing to think she was one hell of a Role Model. Hmm, not anymore. Or not in this episode. Perhaps once again after this episode.

It's weird, but a flawed Apollo, I like a lot. I can handle that. It seems right. But I want Starbuck to be something more than that. She's proven so many times that she's made of awesome - so I want to see her continuing to do things which are made of awesome. Not crashing against the wall drunk and then getting all weepy for some Pyramid player she left on Caprica. Especially given her regard of Tigh.

The sorrowful music for her was pissing me the HELL off, and I usually like the BsG score. I guess I just couldn't see the 55 or so minutes we saw of her and Anders as the greatest love affair of her life. (I seriously thought she had much more chemistry with Leoben, and this isn't the CKR fangirl in me speaking…) And why was it that she was going to pieces because she was deeply in love? As if love were her feminine side and it was taking over her logical masculine side? This was the sexist part. This is why it didn't please me.

Kat was just annoying. I did not sympathise with her, even when I agreed with her sentiments. In fact, Nick and I were saying "she's going to die" every ten minutes with grotesquely joyful anticipation. And when she didn't die we stated that she "lived on to annoy us another episode". Heh. Not much love there at all.

I found it amusing that many (myself included) felt sure that the Jamie-looking Anders was a substitute for Lee, and now Lee was portrayed as being a substitute for Anders. Once again, I'm not hating the more open-minded relationship stuff going on, I just think that part of it, given what we've been experiencing the last few episodes, was too far left field.

There were parts of the episode that I really liked. But as a whole? A great big bleugh from me. I felt the narrative was too closely focussed on one character - there wasn't enough scope in it. I'm not enjoying the constant chronology shifts each and every episode. Once, okay. Twice? Fine. Each episode since the second season has come back? Not so much. I really don't think that this episode brought anything new, except that Raiders resurrect, oh! but they won't because the Resurrection ship's been blown up.

Now I'm thinking that if I rewatch last week's episode, I'll hate it. And this makes me think that next week's episode better be damn good. Or I'll be one sad little fangirl.

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