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Alone we're incomplete, but together...

Whenever I am angry, or upset, or both, I have this little habit. I watch the dvds or taped copies of shows I know bring me joy. Shows which usually undergo this treatment are Whose Line is it Anyway?, and more recently, Kids in the Hall and due South. Today it was due South's turn.

I think there are only three episodes left of due South which I haven't seen, now that I've just watched "Flashback". Only three! But that's okay, because I rewatch like a fiend.

It certainly worked. I'm feeling much happier and more loving towards the world now. I enjoyed this episode immensely.

I love seasons 3 and 4 of dS. They are brilliant. I love Ray K. I love the frequent visits from Bob. These were the seasons which turned me into a rabidly active slasher, as opposed to someone who happily refused to see slash in anything but the Hornblower telemovies. But I love the first two seasons as well... sometimes I almost love them more.

In fact, I think I tend to think of due South as two completely different shows. Seasons 1&2 on one side and Seasons 3&4 on the other. Yes, they tackle similar themes in a similar way, and yes, apart from a couple ommisions or additions, they have the same cast… but there's still this different atmosphere and tone. This isn't a completely strange way of looking at it. On imdb they have two separate pages, and apparently the French title for s1&2 is different from the one for s3&4.

As a conclusion for the program due South that was seasons 1 and 2, I much preferred "Flashback" to the conclusion "Call of the Wild". It was a compilation episode - which is something that I generally wouldn't like. But they picked good segments to repeat. The way in which they were divulged made sense. And I really liked the commentary Fraser made about himself. Perhaps it was just another case of me loving it when PG says out of character things in costume ("Fucking doctors" from the blooper reel comes to mind).

I felt the episode summed the program up better. Plotwise, there wasn't much, as opposed to CotW which just had plot coming out the wazoo. And maybe that's why I liked it more, because it was simpler. It stated facts and let you go with it.

I squealed with delight at the end of the episode, as the credits were rolling and you got to see Paul and David laughing. I just love how dS really seemed to be a fun program to work on, as well as a challenging one.

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