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Why I love Lee Adama, by Loz - self confessed fangirl…

I thought this episode was brilliant. It reminded me of the first one I realised I really loved Lee as a character - in all his flawed, snarky, intelligent glory.

We learn so much about Lee in this episode, and whilst some of it comes from way left field, and doesn't seem to gel with what some episodes last season/earlier this season were hinting at - it was well done, and I liked it, and I thought they were good moves.

I never would have guessed that Lee had had the opportunity to be a father. Not once. It didn't occur to me. Now I'm wondering if there were hints everywhere and I just failed to see them. Were his heart-to-hearts with Bill partly to do with this? Probably they were!

Speaking of Bill, there was excellent Adama boys interaction. I really enjoyed the fact Bill seemed to want to talk. And you know - I've been finding myself growing more and more surprised he wasn't Changed Drastically after the shooting. I like what they've done with him. He is different, but so far it's been a good kind of different. Once I knew he was going to live through it, I imagined them giving him these hard-hitting storylines where he made all these terrible decisions. And that hasn't happened… so far. It's pleased me.

So yes - Lee. He's complex. Some people probably want to put him on a big white shiny pedestal, and I understand that because - hey - Jamie invokes that sort of reaction. But for some reason, I don't. I like him to remain complex, troubled and sometimes troublesome. I enjoy Lee when he's making mistakes, or battling through issues, or being a jerk.

He isn't just a pretty boy, he isn't just the CAG. His motives aren't always clear, and they're not always intrinsically good.

Why do I love Lee Adama? He's human.

As for the rest of the episode - I loved the Dee interaction. Really truly. I loved and felt sorry for Billy. Roslin kicked arse. Gaius was his usual self - but his scene with Lee was the best, ever - WHY don't those two get more shared screentime? They're so dynamic with each other. The garrotting of Fisk was gruesome and I laughed. So. Hard. Because I am evil. Zarek! He is also evil, but appealing. And er… what else, what else? Oh Yes.

"You're gonna have to give me an extra hundred since you spent the night."
Nick: She's a prostitute!
Loz: Bwahahahaha! *dies*
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