Loz (lozenger8) wrote,

Where ego knows no bounds...

So, riverlight and I were having a rousing conversation yesterday about the ds_flashfiction challenge which is basically 'write about the apocalypse/end of the world'. She mentioned that there was a 1000 word unspoken 'limit' for fics. I said I couldn't find anything like that in the info - it said fics of any length were eligible, so now I was tempted to post a 10 word story in response to the challenge - "Ray kissed Fraser. It was the end of the world."

I wake up this morning, check my email to see if I've got any feedback for my 605 word response to the challenge and think "hmm, maybe I should have posted that 10 word story after all".

Because clearly, I'm an attention whore. I got feedback and it was lovely. I just miss the days I used to get 12 comments and 110 views, you know? Even if I posted fic back in the HP fandom, I wouldn't get that.

And this is where I realise I haven't totally relinquished my "everyone should like and bow down to me" ways. Look at me, Look at me!

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