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I used to be a Disney fan...

Flog, flog and more flog...

Disney bought Pixar. But is there hope?

Pixar President Ed Catmull, the companies said, will become president of the Pixar/Disney animation studios, while Pixar Executive John Lasseter will take on the newly created post of chief creative officer of the division. Nevertheless, both men acknowledged a career debt to Disney. Catmull remarked, "Pixar's culture of collaboration and innovation has its roots in Disney Animation. Our story and production processes are derivatives of the Walt Disney 'school' of animated filmmaking." Lasseter added: "For 20 years we have created our films in the manner inspired by Walt Disney and the great Disney animators -- great stories and characters in an environment made richer by technical advances."

If Pixar take over all Disney animation - does that mean Disney will finally get back to the golden years? Will we get truly delightful stories again? Or will we just get second-rate direct-to-dvd sequels ad nauseum? I've grown to hate Disney for the rubbish they've been 'offering'.

Pixar have so far made some of my very favourite films. They have excellent scripts. They're generally well-cast. The animation is brilliant. They're entertaining for children and adults.

I cross my fingers.

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