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I'm not so much looking forward to future planning days as a professional - nuh uh, no way. It's... so tedious and gruelling and - oh my god the only cool thing was unpacking the brand new stationary - which just about proves how boring and non-cool the whole experience was.

But at Marion? They seem so nice. Especially my supervising teacher. I am looking forward to teaching there. I'm going in when school starts on Monday and Tuesday to observe!

It's very different from Ridley Grove, but similar in many ways too. Ridley Grove was a Category 1 school - the most funds and extra support for the most troubled and/or disadvantaged students - mainly those in one of the lower socio-economic sectors of Adelaide, in comparison, Marion is Category 4. There are 5 categories. Still, the behaviour management policy is almost exactly the same.

I did get a wealth of information from today, so that was good. But as I said before - I shall not relish planning days (unless I need to arrive at a school having had none - the horror).

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