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The actual post type thing...

Media today was surprisingly okay. There were lots of people doing it - at least 24, much more than I expected, and Sturt Campus looked alive, with the cafe being open and everything.

I saw Erica on the bus, and my heart gave a little platonic flutter of "yay, a person I know!" But she was doing music, not media. There is, however, someone else I know doing media with me, so all is well. Plus, we got to chat, and I have a long history of enjoying chats on buses.

The topic is far too easy for me, with 3 years of Screen Studies under my belt, and I am not learning anything new. On the other hand, it's a quick and relatively easy way to get completed units towards my degree. So I won't worry too much. Yes, at this stage I want to do topics where I get more useful information and a better understanding as to what and how to teach, but I also want less stress.

Tomorrow we're making the front page of a newspaper - awwww.

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