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Excessive fangirling actually does make you insane...

So. I made the mistake of reading about this episode a while back. I didn't think it was true at the time. No-one would believe Fraser as a woman, no-one. And I stand by that. The only person who could possibly think Paul Gross looks believable as a woman would be THE Paul Gross. Oh, and maybe my Dad (or is it that I look like a man? Hmmm.) Dave Foley? Now he could pull it off, very plausibly. But not Paul.

I did actually like this episode, despite it bridging the reality barriers even dS usually upholds. For one thing, it was really funny. From the initial crazy Benton audaciousness, to the scene where Benton and Ray dance (it amused me greatly, Paul has terrible dance skills), to the witty banter between Benton and Ray at the end. For another, it also had some really sweet Benton moments. There was a basic tongue-in-cheekiness about it. They knew no-one would fall for Paul in drag, and somehow it manages to work just because of that.

I have some random notes;

Paul was wearing eyeliner and lipstick in the early scenes. Production wise, they were probably in a hurry and didn't manage to get it all off. Or perhaps it was a deliberate movement because they wanted to alleviate the shock. Either way, even Nick, who at that point didn't know what the episode was about, commented on him wearing make-up.

The evil badguy reminded me of Christopher Walken. And that's just cool.

About a minute into seeing Female Fraser I said "You know, I feel awful saying this, but 'she' reminds me of Admiral Cain." I got a hi-five from Nick who completely agreed. Bwahaha.

Uhh - comparison;

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
(I am so sorry Michelle Forbes...)

The title is very clever, of course. Nick and I are really glad they didn't extend the homage to Some Like It Hot so that it included Ray.

Oh, Paul.

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