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BsG is back with a vengeance at Loz Central...

I really missed this show. I really, really missed this show. I've mostly been watching comedy and I needed some taut, suspenseful drama to watch.

However, having said that, there were moments which were very DUN DUN DUNNNNNN! Soap Opera - nay, Space Opera about the latest episode.

I give you - Laura Roslin. Okay, so she's been known to be melodramatic before, but her "kill her" was so very melodramatic, I would have laughed if I hadn't had a mouth full of sausage roll.

I give you - the boy to boy chat of Tyrol and Helo.

And finally, I give you - the actual commands Commander Adama and Admiral Cain gave to their officers... DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!

And do you know what? I kind of loved it. In fact, I did. I loved it. As long as the next episodes aren't quite as obvious, then I'm fine. I'm positively happy. I'll be rolling around in fangirlish delight.

Lee was good in this episode. He was wise, he was humble, he looked lovely leaning up against the door. I found that, considering he wasn't the main aspect of the episode, he was in it a good amount. Sometimes he's ignored for far too long.

I found the Resurrection ship intriguing. So - the Leoben who was interrogated by Kara? Uhh, I think his consciousness still exists, out the airlock or not. And the thought of that pleases me for my own perverse reasons.

Speaking of perverse reasons, all discussions with cylons were very interesting indeed. Hmm.

Gaius was likeable again in this episode. He wasn't nearly as obnoxious as he has been, but he also wasn't too confusing in his noble actions either. He was... relatively sane for Gaius.

I loved Bill. He rocked. His reactions to Roslin amused me greatly, and he was generally back to his moderate, logical, intelligent self - yes, even with the ending commands, which, let's face it, he doesn't appear to have much choice in.

I don't like Admiral Cain. I really don't like Admiral Cain. But I did like making an icon out of her;

I also, naturally, adore my new "Watch Log" icon, because it is perfect. Of course, Nick and I, almost simultaneously, started with "Captain's Log. Stardate..." as soon as the image appeared on screen.

I admit, I did a little hand-clap at seeing John Pyper-Ferguson again, same with the younger Olmos... they weren't in it enough, but I'm not sure I'd sacrifice anything to give them more airtime... well, maybe I'd shorten a couple of the dramatic pauses.

I enjoyed myself and I really can't wait for the next episode.

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