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I was tagged by mzcalypso!

This is a 'tag-you're-it' meme -- if you're tagged, list five of your own guilty pleasures and tag five more victims names from your friends-list.

I always joke that I don't have guilty pleasures, because, if I find them pleasurable, why should I be in the least bit guilty? For the most part I do actually hold true to that. I am not at all guilty to admit I have been known to jump up from my computer and dance and sing along to Abba, and as you saw last week, was positively delighted to relate having bought a Star Trek calendar. However, I'm sure I can come up with 5 exceptions to the rule.

1. The music of Kylie Minogue. I know. Your perception of me as having relatively sane music taste has now flown out the window. I quite like many of the older Minogue's tracks. I listen to them. And sing along. I know the lyrics. I own albums. I actually kind of respect the budgie and hope she gets well soon.

2. Films made by The Farrelly Brothers. I wouldn't say that I exactly know why their brand of gross-out comedy amuses me. Or why I think I find a few of their films quite touching. I just know that I do.

3. The movie Blow Dry with Hugh Bonneville, Alan Rickman and some other people I couldn't care less about. I've written two whole posts about it. (Hey, did you know that if you use ljseek to look up my darling Hugh there's actually quite a lot of closeted Hugh love? Alas, my entry was friends locked and I had to go a looking through the archives instead.)

4. Watching the Eurovision song contest every year. Oh yes, we watch it to mock, but we still watch it.

5. Visiting Go Fug Yourself. It's mean. But I like it.

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