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Nick and I went and saw The Family Stone like I said we would. I liked it. I could see why it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea. And yes it did conform to the Hollywood fare of "Time? We have none! Emotions and dynamics will change between characters within 2 days!" But apart from that, I liked it.

I kind of viewed the film from personal experience. I imagined if the Sarah Jessica Parker character Meredith were my older brother's girlfriend Rachel, and our ragtag of a close-knit family were the family Stone. And I think I finally got why our Rachel always seems so distant and cold. We're so used to our quirky ways and anyone who isn't is the crazy one. We took her quietness for snobbishness, and her skittishness for dislike, and condemned her. Not on the spot, perhaps, but over time. We became distant and cold, and so she became more distant and cold, and it's always 'the family... and Rachel'.

I'm not quite the mean character of Amy in the film, but in a lot of ways I am similar. I was amused when it was revealed she was a teacher by profession. I tend to play up a persona when others are around. I'll make jokes, not hurtful really, but sardonic. Usually towards my brothers. In a sort of possessive kind of way. I'll be me, but my more obnoxious side, knowingly obnoxious and not at all afraid of appearing so.

We had that scare with Dad (that continuing scare with Dad, really, but it's so easy to push to the back of your mind) which paralleled the Diane Keaton character situation and the film seemed even more like Real Life.

And this is why I like film. It can be a mirror whilst being an escape. I don't think I'd find it as easy to see it from the other perspective just by myself. I have seen it before, of course. I mean, I've realised how, but I don't think I have ever really understood why.

I've already started trying to be more friendly, if not affectionate, towards Rachel, after my nice experience on my first prac, funnily enough... I feel glad that this 'wiser with age' thing isn't a complete lie.

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