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I don't need to pretend to be obnoxious, I naturally am...

The post-feminist in me usually takes great umbrage at the term 'chick flick', but doesn't go so far as to suggest this type of film doesn't exist. She's read film theory. She's written whole essays on film theory. She pretty much knows the score.

It is with an evil kind of delight that I drag Nick to yet another 'chick flick' today. This time, the film I originally wanted to see yesterday but which wasn't showing at the closest theatre - The Family Stone. Rachel McAdams! If I were gay, I would be so very in love with her right now. There's only another three or four women I can say that about, compared with the hundred or so men I lust after (both genuinely and disingenuously). Poor Nick has seen more than his fair share of films no self-respecting teenage boy would ever admit to. Ha! Even better? He likes a lot of them. Double ha!

Um. I love corrupting people.

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