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Where No Fan Has Gone Before...

Nick and I went to see Just Like Heaven. I liked it, it was sweet. The suspension of disbelief was extraordinarily high, but then again, I did not think the viewing experience would entail anything less. I like Mark Ruffalo.

I also went and bought myself a 2006 wall calendar. I get a different fandom one each year. Last year I had Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The year before that it was Spike (from Angel and Buffy). The year before that, Buffy.

This year? I got Star Trek. I felt like a great big happy geek when I walked around the shopping mall with it under my arm. The January picture is wonderful and states that Captain James Kirk (William Shatner) races to stop the dangerous, godlike entity that his friend, Gary Mitchell, has become. ("Where No Man Has Gone Before") Perfect! There's also one great picture where Kirk looks just like Zapp Brannigan. Okay, so I admit that my love of Star Trek is one which revolves mostly around the mythic fandom, references and influences than the actual show, but I am still insanely proud of my $11 purchase.

... Ha!
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