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Sunset is an angel weeping...

I've had a cold since Boxing Day. It has improved quite a bit but still lingers (malingers). It's annoyed me to no end because it hasn't let me sing. I've come to realise just how often I do sing.

I sing when I'm in the bathroom. That's when I shower, when I wash my hands, when I go to retrieve miscellaneous objects. I sing when I'm in the kitchen. That's when I do the washing up, when I'm preparing food, when I am wandering aimlessly around. I sing when I'm in my room. That's when I am at the computer doing something that can let my mind wander, when I'm getting dressed, when I'm lying on my bed looking up at the ceiling. I sing when I am outside. That is when I'm going to the car, hanging the washing out on the line, walking down the street.

I sing, I sing, I sing. And when I can't sing, I grow increasingly frustrated.
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