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I couldn't sleep last night. I wandered into the lounge to get headphones so I could watch dvds on my computer. I made a whole lot of noise doing it. I may as well have just used my speakers. I didn't get to sleep until almost 5. Someone rang at 7.40 this morning and I've been awake since then.

Now I'm reading IMDb and getting quite incensed by its article on ABC bringing back Dick Clark for the New Years Eve festivities after having a stroke last year.

Dick Clark returned to the New Year's Eve festivities Sunday night, just over a year after suffering a stroke. It was, the Washington Post's media critic Tom Shales said, "a gesture likely to strike some observers as courageous and others as morbid." Indeed, TV critics seemed divided into each camp. In an article entitled "Twilight of a Year and an Old Teenager," Virginia Heffernan wrote in today's (Monday) New York Times: "Mr. Clark seemed, in short, old. He missed words and, seated at a desk, kept atypically still. Sometimes his impaired speech seemed comical; mostly it was touching. The adolescence of America's Oldest Living Teenager -- Mr. Clark's hyper, chipper, fun-loving persona - had, in his 76th year, finally abandoned him. In its place was another, more ambiguous holiday figure: the couchbound relative who, maudlin and exhausted, weeps at how lucky he is to be around his family one more year." ABC News reported Sunday that a promotional photograph of Clark with co-hosts Ryan Seacrest and Hilary Duff distributed by ABC had been digitally altered with an image of Clark from before his stroke inserted into the frame. But Joe Gandelman, who presides over a blog called themoderatevoice.com, commented, "Realistically, ABC wasn't going to gain a ton of rating points by putting Clark on. Clark's appearance was a testament to the never-say-die human spirit. He was going to be on no matter what this year. And it's a testament to ABC's willingness to air, ever-so-briefly, a fellow human being's act of personal courage and grit and let a bit of reality intrude on New Year's Eve."

God forbid that you continue to exist, nay, live after having a stroke! And to do such a thing as place yourself in front of the public eye! It's appalling. Next there will be all kinds of people who have suffered all sorts of debilitating health issues cluttering up our screens!

I often think television and film critics need to critically reflect on themselves for a while.

I probably wouldn't have cared about this before 2004, so I often think I have to critically reflect upon myself as well.

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