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I've proven who I am so many times, the magnetic strip's worn thin...

I tend to make New Years Resolutions I know I can keep.

Last year these were in part contributed by my friends list;

To be as happy as I can - contributed by ainegriffin -- Well, I think I succeeded in this one. Sure I had that thing where I went stupid and deleted my LJ and sobbed every night for about a month, but apart from that I was happy, and I consider that to be as happy as I can be.
To spend more money - contributed by meli_64 -- This one is relative. I did not spend more money than I had spent in 2004, but I did spend more money.
Take over the world as its supreme ruler - contributed by torins -- Obviously this one was kept.
Get a job - contributed by catatonicc -- Okay, so I didn't keep this one. I didn't get a job. I meant to get a job, I really did, but life just kind of takes over.

And then there were resolutions also made by me...

1. Rock my Teaching Practicum -- I didn't specify which one. I rocked my second practicum, the one that counted towards my grade, so I shall say yes, I did this.
2. Meet personable cute boy who actually is interested in me (and doesn't just make sweet statements backed up with no emails back... grrr arg) -- No, this didn't happen. I did meet personable cute boy again, but he only caused me more over-the-top melodrama.
3. Get Futurama Season 4 on DVD -- Done and done.
4. And the rest of Buffy and Angel. -- Not done. I still need to get these.
5. Have more things to fall back on than good TV shows though. -- Yes, I'd say I did that one. Not as much as I should have, but I did.
6. More obsessions (so's I can say I actually got one of my resolutions right again). -- HAH! I know myself SO WELL. This one was kept, oh boy was it kept, it was kept good.

Okay, so new New Years Resolutions;

1. Rock my teaching practicum. Oh yeah.
2. Gather up teaching resources.
3. Prepare mentally for my new life of teaching.
4. Find something to write about in my LJ other than teaching.
5. Meet personable cute man who likes me. Who more than likes me. Who actually exists.
6. But don't spend any time crying when it doesn't happen because that's just naff.
7. Have a lot of fun with DVD buying (I still need Angel, Buffy, Scrubs, Family Guy season 2+)!
8. More obsessions.

Oh yes.

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